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electronic aluminum foil

Introduction to electronic foil

In electrolytic capacitors, cathode foil is commonly called cathode foil. Due to the thin oxidation film on the surface of cathode foil, the improvement of cathode foil surface area has little impact on high-voltage capacitors, but has a great impact on low-voltage capacitors. Electrolytic capacitors are widely used in household appliances, computers, communications, industrial control, electric vehicles, electric locomotives and military and aerospace equipment. Electronic aluminum foil produced by Mingtai Aluminum  is mainly negative foil, with alloy types of 1070 and 3003, and the thickness range of which can be processed is 0.012 -- 0.05mm. In the production process, the surface quality, temperature, grain structure, composition and other aspects of the negative electrode foil are strictly controlled.

electronic aluminum foil

Technical standard of electronic foil basic standard

Typical alloy 1070 3003
Material status H18 H18
 thickness(mm) 0.012-0.05
width(mm) 180-1350
The length of the strip(mm) C(according to the customer's requests
Strip inside diameter Φ75、Φ150(according to the customer's requests

electronic aluminum foil size deviation

Types of alloy Tolerance of thickness Tolerance of width
1070 aluminum foil3003 aluminum foil <0.03 ±0.001 +1
0.03-0.05 ±0.015 ±1

Mingtai Aluminum service aim

Mingtai Aluminum have strict production process quality control system to ensure product quality Mingtai Aluminum provides you with the whole process, integration, butler service. Every order, from pre-sales consultation to after-sales delivery, we are timely tracking, to ensure that customers can receive goods safely, butler service, intimate, more worthy of your trust.

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