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honeycomb aluminum foil

Introduction to honeycomb aluminum foil

honeycomb aluminum foil  is composed of several layers of aluminum foil, laminated, and then stretched into regular hexagonal honeycomb core. Aluminum honeycomb core with sharp, clear hole wall, no burr, suitable for high quality material bonding and other USES. Aluminum honeycomb core main advantages are:
(1) aluminum fire nonflammable;
(2) the surface has strong corrosion resistance after epoxy fluorocarbon treatment;
(3) pure aluminum products are environmentally friendly and pollution-free, will not volatilize harmful substances to human body, and can be recycled and reused;
(4) light weight and convenient transportation, convenient assembly and disassembly.

honeycomb aluminum foil

The main products of honeycomb aluminum foil are 1xxx and 3xxx series aluminum alloy rolling materials. 3003 aluminum foil is mainly used in honeycomb aluminum foil and other fields. Mingtai aluminum is the leading brand in the honeycomb foil market, with a market share of more than 80%.
Henan mingtai is China's top ten aluminum foil manufacturers, can undertake 3-2000 tons of aluminum foil raw material orders, product quality is stable, global export, affordable price, can rest assured purchase!

honeycomb aluminum foil-1

Technical standard of honeycomb foil material

Typical alloy 3003  
Material status H18,H19  
 thickness(mm) 0.012-0.1
width(mm) 180-1350
The length of the strip(mm) C(according to the customer's requests
Strip inside diameter Φ75、Φ150(according to the customer's requests

honeycomb foil size deviation

Types of alloy Tolerance of thickness Tolerance of width
3003 aluminum foil <0.04 ±0.0015 ±1
>0.04 ±0.002 ±1

Mingtai Aluminum service aim

MIngtai Aluminum have strict production process quality control system to ensure product quality Mingtai Aluminum provides you with the whole process, integration, butler service. Every order, from pre-sales consultation to after-sales delivery, we are timely tracking, to ensure that customers can receive goods safely, butler service, intimate, more worthy of your trust.

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