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aluminum composite panel

Introduction to aluminum composite panel

aluminum composite panel is by aluminium and the plastic core material with relatively small density is compound and become, because this and have same rigidity or the aluminium of same thickness (or other metal) photograph, its quality is small compare with glass, stone material, the quality is much smaller.The aluminum composite panel  produced by henan mingtai has the characteristics of small quality, good rigidity and rich color.

mingtai aluminum composition panel

Technical standard of aluminum composite panel

Typical alloy 1100 aluminum foil 
Material status H18/H16
thickness(mm) 0.016-0.1
width(mm) 1240

Aluminum composite panel substrate product process


1. R1100 blank 2.5*1350
2. Cold rolling 0.8*1300 medium backward O state.
3, foil rolling billet to finished products or middle points, coiling machine double, foil rolling finished products, cutting.
4. The product thickness of 0.03 should be de-oiled at low temperature.


The quality requirements


1. Strict requirements on version type.
2, layout, must ensure the quality of one side, drum, oil spots, bright line, roll printing concave and convex point, black silk, black strips, mosquitoes to join.
3. The thickness of finished aluminum composite panel substrate coils should be controlled within ±4%.
4, pinhole, hole abolition.
5, cutting quality, burr, tower, channeling layer, lotus leaf edge, flanging, concave and convex point.

service aim

We have strict production process quality control system to ensure product quality.Mingtai Aluminum provides you with the whole process, integration, butler service. Every order, from pre-sales consultation to after-sales delivery, we are timely tracking, to ensure that customers can receive goods safely, butler service, intimate, more worthy of your trust.


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