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Milk Cap Aluminum Foil

Introduction to Milk Cap Aluminum Foil

The complex composition of dairy products is easy to be affected by temperature, oxygen, light, microorganisms, mechanical effects, etc., leading to discoloration, oxidation, damage, deterioration of the products, thereby shortening the shelf life. Mingtai aluminum are now using aluminum foil sealing products, it has advantages as follows:
(1) aluminum foil sealing is better than simple plastic, plastic material under a magnifying glass to see, there are a lot of holes, air and water can through;
(2) aluminum foil composite film has high strength;
(3) the third is the sealing technology. Hot sealing is generally used in yogurt. In principle, a piece of hot iron is used to iron the sealing film and bottle mouth.
Mingtai Aluminum can be customized processing according to customer needs, and product quality stability and high strength.

mingtai milk cap aluminum foil

basic standard

Typical alloy 8011  
Material status O  
 thickness(mm) 0.012-0.1
width(mm) 180-1350
The length of the strip(mm) C(according to the customer's requests
Strip inside diameter Φ75、Φ150(according to the customer's requests

size deviation

Types of alloy Tolerance of thickness Tolerance of width
8011 <0.03 ±0.001 ±1
>0.03 ±0.002 ±1

The performance of ming-tai aluminum 8011-o aluminum foil is superior, and its features are as follows:
1. Clean surface, uniform color, no speckles, no pinholes;
2, with excellent moisture-proof performance, shading and high barrier ability;

3, bacteria, mold and other tests, non-toxic and tasteless, safe and hygienic;
4. Strictly implement industry standards, and the heavy metal shall not exceed the prescribed scope;

5. Strong mechanical performance, high blasting resistance, strong puncture and tear resistance;

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