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Type of aluminum for packaging

Date: 2019-05-17 13:45
Aluminum is the only metal, but aluminum has been used as a packaging material for more than 30 years. In recent years, the amount of aluminum in the package has increased due to its excellent performance. It has low density, only 1/3 of steel, light weight; excellent processing ability, easy to punch into various complex shapes; strong corrosion resistance, no rust; barrier, sunshade, incense is excellent, effectively protect products; High thermal conductivity, easy to kill bacteria in aluminum cans; silvery white, colorful, reflective light, easy to print, good printing effect; non-toxic and tasteless, will not cause odor to packaged food due to the escape of aluminum ions; waste container can be heavy Melt recycling, no environmental pollution. The main disadvantages are soft material, low strength, easy deformation due to impact; poor welding performance, no welds allowed; poor acid and alkali corrosion resistance, not suitable for wearing edible fruits; higher cost.

Aluminum packaging materials are mainly pure aluminum alloy aluminum and aluminum foil.

(1) Pure aluminum and aluminum alloy plate pure aluminum
More than 99.9%, the thickness is generally between 0.25~0.3mm. It is soft and low in strength and is therefore rarely used as a packaging material, but it can also be used as a wine container.
The aluminum alloy sheet is processed from a small amount of magnesium, manganese and copper in an aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy and aluminum manganese alloy, also known as rust-proof aluminum alloy. The strength and hardness of the alloy aluminum plate are obviously improved, the corrosion resistance is strong, the polishing performance is good, and the appearance is bright for a long time.
Aluminum alloys are used in the manufacture of canned foods, canned fish and meat containers, unlike tin cans that produce sulfide blackening; more beverage packaging, no drinking causes muddy and flavor changes.

(2) Aluminum foil
The foil is made of pure aluminum with a rolling purity of more than 99.5% and a thickness of between 0.005 and 0.2 mm. It is light and shiny, reflecting the ability of insulating packaging; barrier, non-breathable body and water vapor; easy to process, easy to process into various shapes; convenient printing, glue, painting, coloring, stamping, printing, etc.; , high temperature or low temperature shape adaptability; sunshade, Baoxiang, excellent. The biggest disadvantage of aluminum foil is that it is not resistant to acid and alkali, does not weld, and has low tear strength.
It is widely used in packaging of aluminum foil, which can be packaged separately; composite materials made of paper and plastic film, used for packaging food, cigarettes, cosmetics, medicines, chemicals, etc., can be made into cooking bags, Packed in convenience foods and cooking foods.
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