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The reason for aluminum veneer paint

Date: 2019-05-17 13:44
The reason for the coating of aluminum veneer products is that it is not strange for everyone to paint. Especially after the appearance is ugly, the paint is removed and has certain influence on the use. Therefore, when ordering a single aluminum plate product, it is necessary to select a qualified standard aluminum single. Board products. Aluminum veneer products
The color is very monotonous, but the aluminum veneer products have their own characteristics, which can be processed, sprayed and sprayed to achieve the desired effect on the surface.
However, there are many unrecognized single aluminum plate products, which are peeled off during use. The drop phenomenon affects the decorative effect of the building. Although the aluminum veneer products do not rust, they still affect the use. So why do some aluminum veneer products have this effect for the following reasons?
First of all, there may be some manufacturers who are blindly pursuing the efficiency requirements of the spraying process, which causes the surface dirt and chemicals to be unclean, resulting in the film surface not covering the aluminum, so this will happen. One of the reasons, so the spraying of aluminum veneer products is very important and can't be sloppy. aluminum
Paint veneer products are mainly caused by various reasons, the film does not cover the surface of the aluminum veneer well, and the spraying technology does not reach the specified position, resulting in the coating being too thick or too thin. Both of these are paints, so When choosing a single aluminum plate manufacturer, we must choose a good spray effect, excellent technology, we are the air pipe of Dekuan, we have advanced equipment, first-class technology can provide you with satisfactory products.
Insulation aluminum sheet performance
Insulation aluminum is a high-grade decorative material that has great use in construction and is distinguished by its outstanding features.
1. The heat insulation aluminum plate is beautiful and durable, with
The function of the heat preservation function can be closely connected with the decoration material, and thus the problem that the insulation material and the decoration material cannot be closely linked can be dealt with. The decoration color is also diversified, and it can be processed into many shapes to show the characteristics of architectural decoration.
2, heat insulation board fireproof, heat insulation function, fireproof function is also excellent
Insulation aluminum is not melted by high temperature, but students have less smoke formation, strong resistance to ignition of porous carbon and fire spread; even aluminum alloys, in the case of open flame or high temperature, due to its excellent thermal insulation function, only the appearance of rapid heating, Rapid coking performance and flame retardant properties extend and keep the core unfilled and incinerated, showing good fire isolation.
3 insulation board has two layers of insulation
To test the two-layer insulation test of the insulation board, attach an aluminum foil to the polyurethane foam mold, foam molding, the effect of the aluminum foil to the release agent, and the other side is related to the foaming, and strengthen the wind pressure resistance of the aluminum to clarify the insulation. Aluminum is insulated in two layers.
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