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5083 aluminum plate application

Date: 2019-05-17 13:42
5083 aluminum plate application
On November 29, 2016, the first LNG ship purchased from France began to facilitate Beijingers.
Aluminum is the best material for making LNG tanks because it is a very good low-temperature structural material that is easy to form, has good weldability, and has a recovery rate of over 95%. The ball consists of three parts, the lower hemisphere is called the "Southern Hemisphere", the middle part is called the "Equatorial Circle", and the upper hemisphere is called the "Northern Hemisphere." The equatorial plate has a thickness of 170 mm, and the hull is connected to the "apron" assembly, which is equipped with brackets and various pipes on the shelves.
The equatorial ring is made of a 170 mm thick plate. The tank is covered with a composite insulation layer to prevent external heat from entering the internal liquefied gas, maintaining -163 °C. The outer layer of the composite insulating layer is a thin aluminum plate with two layers of plastic foam in the middle, one layer of phenolic resin and the other layer of rigid polyurethane foam. Each tank uses 6,000 heat shields and one screw is attached to the tank.
The fuel tank and pipe bracket are made of 5083-O aluminum alloy. A part of the "apron" is made of a 5083-H321 alloy sheet with high strength. The amount of aluminum used in large tanks is about 750 tons, and the volume of one container is about 3,000 tons. In order to transport LNG safely, it is necessary to ensure the quality of the manufacture of large tanks, especially the quality of the welds.
 5083 aluminum plate
Alloy: 5083
Tempering: o
Melting point 579 ° C ~ 641 ° C
Conductivity: 29% IACS
Thermal conductivity: 117W / (m · ° C)
Specific heat capacity: 900J / (kg · ° C)
5083-O alloy has good low temperature performance, tensile strength of -200 °C Rm = 405N / mm2, 40% higher than room temperature, elongation of 43%, 95% higher than room temperature LNG (about -155 ° C) 22% Good material.
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