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7075 aluminum coil

Date: 2019-05-17 13:42
7075 aluminum coil
 The Mingtai alumium alloy manufacturer 7075 aluminum coil and plate has been and remains the baseline standard for the good balance performance required for aerospace applications. 7075 aluminum is one of the high strength alloys available in high strength alloys. Corrosion resistance and workability are rated as reasonable, but the addition of chromium provides good resistance to stress corrosion cracking in 7075 aluminum sheet products. As with Alloy 2024, Alloy 7075 can be provided in a bare form or in a cladding ("Alclad") to provide further corrosion protection.

Alloy: 7075
Thickness: 0.15mm-10mm
Tempering: H18, H26, H12, H22, H16, H24, T6, T651 ...
Width: 600mm-2000mm
Surface treatment: anodizing / cold treatment / glazing / polishing / powder coating / wire drawing / grinding finished / gravel
Packing: 1. Standard shipping package 2. Accept custom packaging
Minimum order quantity: Negotiable
Payment method: Negotiable
Uses: construction, production lines, decoration, industrial, transportation, doors and windows
Mingtai Aluminum Aluminum Alloy Manufacturers and sell Yumin Tai aluminum aluminum coil sheet special line, PE / PVDF aluminum coil, kraft paper, corrugated aluminum sheet aluminum coil, embossed aluminum sheet, color coated aluminum coil, aluminum sheet, aluminum wire, aluminum product . We can produce nearly 1-8 series aluminum alloy products.
Aluminum coils/sheets, aluminum corrugated sheets and colored aluminum sheets are our products. The processing capacity of world-class aluminum plates.
Mingtai Aluminum Aluminum Alloy Manufacturers' products are widely used in packaging, electrical and electronic, construction, transportation, aerospace, light industry and other industries.

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