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1050 aluminum alloy production process characteristics

Date: 2019-09-09 10:02

Aluminum foil will inevitably have a certain degree of wear during the production and rolling process. After research, we found that aluminum foil wear has certain characteristics, so we will do a simple analysis for everyone.

1050 aluminum alloy during the rolling process:

1050 aluminum alloy during the rolling process, due to the plastic deformation of the metal, the continuous creation of a new surface, and the high unit pressure on the contact surface, coupled with the high deformation temperature, large sliding speed, etc., the surface of the roll Adhesion metals, roll wear and other phenomena are particularly prominent. When the adhesion between the 1050 aluminum alloy and the roll occurs, the sliding external friction between the two becomes the internal friction of the metal surface layer, and the shear deformation of the sub-surface layer occurs, thereby changing the friction at the metal adhesion portion. The state causes a change in the state of stress of the metal and a change in the flow state. As a result, the friction is increased, the energy consumption is increased, the surface of the 1050 aluminum foil is significantly damaged, and the roll is sharply worn, and the service life is shortened.The rolling process does not work properly.

1050 aluminum alloy

1050 aluminum alloy rolling wear degree:

  Wear during 1050 aluminum alloy is extremely complex, and metal wear is related to factors such as metal materials, surface oxides, work hardening, processing temperatures, speed, lubricants, and the surrounding environment. During the deformation of the material, the wear mechanism may be one or several mechanisms acting simultaneously. Moreover, the deformation process itself is also changing. When the 1050 aluminum alloy is rolled, the rolls are repeatedly and continuously in contact with the rolled piece, and the surface of the rolled piece entering the deformation zone is constantly changing. In addition, the surface of the workpiece is cleaned after pickling. When it comes into contact with the surface of the dirty roll, the plastic deformation and extension increase the possibility of adhesion and the peeling of the wear point. If the height of the wear point is greater than the thickness of the oil film, then the particle point Will be pressed into the surface to play the role of grinding the surface of the roll.

1050 aluminum foil

Any product will have certain wear during the production process. This is inevitable. Mingtai Aluminum strictly controls the degree of wear in the process of producing 1050 aluminum alloy. The product can be used for food packaging, capacitors, cable belts, Aluminum foil gaskets and other fields

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