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1050 aluminum aloy for face film packaging

Date: 2019-10-21 11:34

With the wide application of composite flexible packaging of mask bags, the odor problem of plastic packaging bags has attracted more and more people's attention. This odor can lead to the odor of the packaged product, and even affect the quality of the product, pollute the environment, and endanger the health of consumers. On the contrary, 1050 aluminum aloy for face film will not have this problem.

Effect of ink solvent on 1050 aluminum aloy

In gravure printing, 1050 aluminum aloy uses a mixed solvent in the ink, in order to improve the printing suitability of the ink, improve the transfer rate of the ink, and make the color of the print more saturated and real. After the ink is transferred to the film by the 1050 aluminum coil, the solvent on the surface volatilizes, and the ink layer quickly crusts, which hinders the evaporation of the solvent inside the ink layer, resulting in solvent residue in the printed matter, odor generation, and residual solvent ratio of the ink at the time of printing. There must be more when printing. The residual amount of this 1050 aluminum aloy can be measured with specialized instruments to facilitate quantitative management.

Use 1050 aluminum aloy residual solvent problem

1050 aluminum aloy uses too much affinity between the solvent molecules in the ink and the binder resin molecules, resulting in aggravation of residual problems. Therefore, when using a new ink, it must be treated according to the characteristics of the solvent. 1050 aluminum aloy uses a mixed solvent. Different solvents have different volatilization speeds. If not properly controlled, the slow volatilization solvent will remain in the inner layer of the ink film and cause residue.

In addition, the humidity of the printing workshop should not be too large, otherwise the ink film will absorb the moisture in the air, so that the solvent in the ink can not be fully volatilized.

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