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1050 aluminum coil for radiators-Mingtai Aluminum

Date: 2019-11-11 10:46

The 1050 aluminum coil is pure aluminum. In other words, it is not alloyed with other metals. Its aluminum (Al) content is 99.00%, and the last two digits indicate the two digits after the decimal point in the aluminum percentage content, for example, the 1050 aluminum coil. The aluminum content is 99.50%, and the aluminum content of the 1050 aluminum coil is 99.60%.

Mingtai 1050 aluminum coil custom exclusive radiator

1050 aluminum coil

Nowadays, electronic products are popular, and the use of electronic products for a long time makes the power consumption and heat generation of PC internal components continue to increase. How to cool the PC has become an urgent problem to be solved, and the radiator is born in this case. There are many types of radiators. The common ones are air-cooled radiators. The heat-dissipating fins are made of aluminum, copper, semi-copper, semi-aluminum and copper. Although silver is a highly efficient conductor, it is used. The field of PC heat sinks is too costly. The thermal conductivity of the 1050 aluminum coil ranks third, and the price of the material is about half that of pure copper. Therefore, the 1050 aluminum coil material is widely used in the field of heat dissipation.

The 1050 aluminum coil belongs to one of the pure aluminum plate series. The 1050 aluminum coil produced by Mingtai has all models and the aluminum content is over 99.5%. Because it does not contain other metal elements, the production process is relatively simple, so the price of 1050 aluminum coil is relatively cheap.

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