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1050 aluminum coil hot stamping failure analysis

Date: 2019-09-26 17:15

1050 aluminum coil is prone to many failures during hot stamping. Mingtai Aluminum combines actual production experience to bring you troubleshooting skills.

1050 aluminum coil is not hot stamping

1050 aluminum coil hot stamping is not strong for many reasons, the processing methods are also different, summed up, there are mainly the following three kinds; 1 hot stamping temperature or light pressure, resulting in poor stamping, can re-adjust the hot stamping temperature And stress. 2 In the printing process, the dry oil added in the ink is excessive, so that the surface of the ink layer is dried too fast to cause crystallization, so that the printing foil is not hot stamped. The solution is to prevent the occurrence of crystallization as much as possible when printing first. Secondly, after crystallization, the hot stamping foil can be removed, and the printed product is air-pressed once under heating, first destroying the crystallized layer, and then ironing. Printed.

1050 aluminum coil

1050 aluminum coil hot stamping

1050 aluminum coil hot stamping is blurred, paste. The main cause of this failure is caused by excessive hot stamping temperature, excessive thickness of the aluminized aluminum aluminized layer, excessive embossing force, and slack in the installation of the electrochemical aluminum. It is necessary to take corresponding measures to solve the problem according to the specific situation. Too hot stamping temperature is the main cause of unclear writing and paste. In the process of electro-aluminum hot stamping, if the temperature of the printing plate is too high, the base layer and other layers of the film will be transferred and adhered, resulting in unclear writing and paste. The hot stamping temperature should be adjusted according to the applicable range of the temperature of the anodized 1050 aluminum coil . In addition, the aluminum alloy with a thin aluminum plating layer should be selected, the appropriate pressure should be adjusted, and the pressure of the pressure roller and the tension of the winding roller should be properly adjusted.

1050 aluminum coil

There are many reasons for the 1050 aluminum coil hot stamping problem, but they can all be solved. I hope that the above experience can help people who have encountered the above problems.

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