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1050 aluminum alloy for vacuum foil bag

Date: 2019-09-03 16:40

1050 aluminum alloy has a relatively high frequency range of three and four foil bag foil bags have widely applied in food packaging, medical packaging, industrial packaging, cosmetic packaging, 1050 aluminum alloy having excellent barrier properties, especially in soft folded state, can still maintain good barrier properties, so the 1050 aluminum alloy is more suitable for the food packaging industry to be cooked bone-in fresh meat packaging.

1050 aluminum alloy has the characteristics of light weight:

The vacuum aluminum foil bag is made into an 1050 aluminum foil bag by dry compounding with 1050 aluminum alloy and other high barrier materials according to the unique properties of aluminum. 1050 aluminum alloy has the characteristics of light weight and luster, strong reverse force, good barrier property, non-breathable body and water vapor, strong temperature adaptability, stable shape at high temperature or low temperature, strong light-shielding property and excellent fragrance retention. The packaging aluminum foil bag produced by using 1050 aluminum alloy as a substrate has good functions of moisture resistance, barrier, light resistance, permeability resistance and appearance, and the water vapor transmission rate can reach <0.015 g/(m2·24h)>. It also has a heat seal function and can be vacuum packed.

vacuum foil bag

1050 aluminum alloy for vacuum foil bag:

1050 aluminum alloy for vacuum foil bag has good barrier properties and is suitable for long-term storage and storage of cooked meat. It can also be used for long-term storage and packaging of military industry military products. 1050 aluminum alloy also has a little wear resistance. Aluminum foil packaging bags will have different degrees of wear due to contact surface topography, contact conditions and environment during use. There are two major types of mechanical wear and chemical wear. 1050 aluminum alloy has high strength and sufficient interaction between molecules, which can effectively reduce the degree of wear.

1050 aluminum alloy foil

Mingtai is a manufacturer of 1050 aluminum alloy raw materials, which can produce 1050 aluminum coil and other products. It does not do post-processing, printing, gluing and other processing processes. It only provides aluminum foil substrates, which can be customized globally.

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