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1050 aluminum alloy is used for packaging tea

Date: 2019-08-30 16:14

The storage of tea leaves requires high environmental conditions. Moisture and other pollution can affect the taste and quality of tea. Therefore, the packaging of commercial tea is very important. More and more 1050 aluminum alloy is used in high tea bags, which play an important role in preventing tea contamination.

Packed with 1050 aluminum alloy:

The purpose of commercial tea storage and packaging is to avoid contamination of commercial tea leaves during storage and packaging. Therefore, care should be taken to prevent contamination during operation. Matters to be noted are as follows: 1. Packaging materials should use food grade materials, such as 1050 aluminum alloy materials, etc., to prevent moisture, oxygen, and no odor. The printing ink or label of 1050 aluminum alloy, the adhesive used in the seal, the printing ink water, etc. should be non-toxic. 2. The storage warehouse requires clean, moisture-proof, light-proof and odor-free, and keep it ventilated and dry. The surrounding environment should be cleaned and packaged with 1050 aluminum alloy, away from pollution sources. Conditional optional cold storage.

tea packaging bag

1050 aluminum alloy material:

The tea package can be made of 1050 aluminum alloy, which is vacuum pumped and nitrogen filled. The prepared composite bag made of 1050 aluminum alloy and plastic is stored in a disposable closed vacuum pumping nitrogen filling package, and some preservatives may be added as appropriate. But once it is unsealed, it is best to use it in a short time, otherwise. After the Kaifeng preservation is released, the length of time will also deteriorate. 1050 aluminum foil packaged tea into the cold storage method. This kind of large-scale fresh-keeping storage is free of any preservatives, which is purely physical preservation. As long as the warehouse construction is reasonable, the storage temperature will remain unchanged at -4 °C to 2 °C. However, before the tea leaves the warehouse, it must be vacuumed and fresh-keeping. Otherwise, when the tea leaves are exposed to the air, water and oxygen will form water vapor beads due to the outside world, and will condense on the tea leaves to accelerate the deterioration of the tea.

1050 aluminum alloy

1050 aluminum alloy packaging is also suitable for home preservation. Put the bought tea into the aluminum foil bag, seal it, place it in a clean and ventilated place, and also play the role of tea insurance. Mingtai Aluminum focuses on 1050 aluminum alloy production for 20 years, with good reputation and quality.

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