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1060 aluminum foil for lithium battery

Date: 2019-08-02 14:47

1060 aluminum foil is one of the key materials for lithium batteries:

From the structure of lithium batteries, lithium batteries have a great relationship with aluminum processing. Lithium batteries have four key materials, one aluminum foil and one copper foil, with a diaphragm in the middle, and the rest is electrolyte. The aluminum foil is mostly used in 1060 aluminum foil. Lithium batteries have been slow to develop in recent years. The main reason is that safety and technology are still improving, and the price is relatively expensive. Small products can beat the big market, and now the lithium battery aluminum foil has gradually become a billion-dollar market, and the future trend will become bigger and bigger.
lithium battery

1060 aluminum foil customer purchase volume:

At present, the lithium foil aluminum foil produced by our company has 1060 aluminum foil. At present, the major foreign customers purchase a large amount. Because of its high purity and difficult processing, the general processing enterprises do not have the processing capability, so they are counted as high-end products. 8011 aluminum foil and 1235 aluminum foil are common in customer purchases, and customers are mostly used as cathode materials for lithium battery aluminum foil.
1060 aluminum foil

The quality of 1060 aluminum foil produced by Mingtai is outstanding:

As the leading brand of aluminum foil and foil aluminum rolling processing, Mingtai can continue to develop in the fierce competition, relying on the continuous improvement of the preparation and technical level, relying on the artisan technology accumulated in the past 20 years, the quality of 1060 aluminum foil produced. Prominent, constantly improve process management, and win customer trust with quality products.
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