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1060 aluminum foil for conductive soft connection

Date: 2019-08-03 17:06

1060 aluminum foil for conductive soft connection:

Conductive soft connection is made of high quality 0.05~0.3mm thick 1060 aluminum foil, 0.1 thick aluminum foil is used regularly, 0.1 thick pure nickel sheet is attached to the upper and lower surfaces, or 0.1 thick nickel plated copper sheet is pressed together, and the laminated parts are pressed together, both ends or perforated Partially using polymer diffusion welding, it is formed by high-current heating and pressure welding. The middle set of heat-shrinkable tube protection, large-sized and special-shaped products, the middle adopts the dip-molding process.
conductive connection

Factors affecting the soft connection of 1060 aluminum foil welding:

The factors affecting the soft connection of 1060 aluminum foil welding are: (1) the shape and size of the resistance welding material (2) the surface of the resistance welding material (oxidation, blackening, etc.) (3) the resistance, the material of the electrode and the flatness of the electrode surface
(4) Ideal welding current and heating time and heating method (5) The combination of bare copper or chemical plating is qualitatively different. According to the specific combination requirements, the current parameters and temperature are selected. (Combination of copper and electroless silver plating, combination of copper and electroless nickel plating, etc.)
1060 aluminum foil

Mingtai 1060 aluminum foil quality is excellent:

1060 industrial pure aluminum foil is widely used in conductive soft joint welding, gasket manufacturing, automotive parts, capacitors, food packaging, electronic labels and other industries due to its high plasticity, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity. Mingtai Aluminum has strictly controlled the microstructure, properties, plate shape, thickness difference and surface quality of 1060 aluminum foil to ensure the quality of finished products; among them, 1060 aluminum foil 0.1mm thick hot rolled material enjoys in the auto parts industry. Good reputation, high market recognition, production and sales in the top ten in the country.
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