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1070 aluminum foil for electronic foil bag making

Date: 2020-01-06 09:09

Electronic foil bag made of 1070 aluminum foil:

The electronic aluminum foil bag made of 1070 aluminum foil is mainly used for packaging electronic products such as devices, chips, and data lines. If 1070 electronic aluminum foil is used for anti-static shielding function, we also call it anti-static bag or anti-static shielding aluminum foil bag. The aluminum aluminum foil bag made of 1070 aluminum foil pure aluminum material is made of pure aluminum material, which is protected from light, good sealing performance, anti-static and shielding.
electrionic foil bag

1070 aluminum foil to make electronic aluminum foil bag advantages:

1070 aluminum foil production of electronic aluminum foil bag has the following advantages: First, the stand-up bag function. The use of 1070 aluminum foil to make electronic aluminum foil bags can be attached to the bottom tray, which can support the aluminum foil bag to stand up, which has a good container effect. The second is easy to tear. As the society continues to evolve, many product designs are becoming more user-friendly and flexible. Easy to tear the mouth more convenient for the use of the product. The third is to have a zipper. The zip pocket is easy to open and use multiple times. It can also be used to package other products after use, that is to say, it has a recycling function. The fourth is color security ink printing. Clean and hygienic. Seeing it knows its content, it has played a very good publicity effect.
1070 aluminum foil

Mingtai's 1070 aluminum foil can be used to make electronic foil bags:

1070 aluminum foil, high plasticity, corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, suitable for aluminum foil bags, gaskets and capacitors made of aluminum foil. Mingtai Aluminum has introduced the 涿Go foil rolling mill to ensure a good shape. Mingtai Aluminum's 1070 aluminum foil is applied to electronic foils with a market share of over 80%. The products have stable performance and excellent quality.
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