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Aluminum in the home industry

Date: 2019-05-17 13:38
“Today, aluminum applications are becoming more widely available, from aerospace and air transportation to small home appliances, pots and pans, and almost all of them. “Recently held” expanded aluminum furniture application forum “. “In the past, Chen Quanxun, president of China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, revealed that the application of aluminum in China not only has a solid industrial base and broad consumption prospects, but also has a strong grasp of electrolytic aluminum. Overcapacity.
Statistics show that among the 124 industries of Chinese aluminum alloy manufacturers, there are 113 aluminum-related industries. It can be said that its excellent light weight and recycling performance have brought enormous social and environmental benefits to many industries throughout the life cycle of aluminum, and it has been more and more widely recognized. With the popularity of environmental protection and advances in technology, many industries are gradually turning to “green”, and the home industry is no exception.
“Green development has become an inevitable choice for home enterprise adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and sustainable development.” Zhang Bingbing, secretary general of the China Furniture Association, said that the development of the furniture industry has slowed down significantly and is in the process of transformation and upgrading. At the same time, with the substantial increase in the cost of wood in the past two years, people are paying more and more attention to indoor environmental protection issues. The use of aluminum alloy instead of wood for furniture production will become the future development direction of the home industry.
Aluminum alloy manufacturer furniture refers to the lamination, spraying, wood grain transfer and other processes with aluminum alloy profiles and plates as the main materials, combined with plastic, glass, leather and other materials to make a variety of sitting, support, storage. Other functional home products.
Compared with wooden furniture and solid wood furniture, aluminum alloy furniture has the advantages of environmental protection, waterproof, anti-mite, flame retardant, moisture-proof, zero formaldehyde, etc. It is very suitable for domestic kitchen and medical furniture, especially for domestic kitchen and medical furniture. China's relatively humid southern region. In terms of craftsmanship, aluminum furniture has also been greatly improved. Through a series of bending processes, aluminum furniture can be used not only for color-rich surface treatment, but also for intelligent, personal and other needs.
“In terms of home improvement, environmental protection and practicality are the most concerned issues for nearly 60% of consumers.”
After seeing broad market prospects, keen home furnishing companies and aluminum profile companies have invested in R&D centers and are actively transforming. The latest data shows that more than 200 aluminum profile processing enterprises have entered the field of aluminum furniture production services.
Taking Guangdong Foshan aluminum alloy manufacturer as an example, last year's statistics show that Foshan has engaged in more than 2,000 aluminum doors and windows, aluminum profiles and hardware. However, due to the relatively slow development of the real estate industry in recent years and fierce competition, these companies have transformed aluminum furniture. . However, only a few companies can actually produce aluminum furniture, and most companies are small. The company's overall strength is average, which led to the very simple style of aluminum furniture products on the market.
At the same time, production efficiency is low and it is difficult to mass produce. After years of development, aluminum alloy manufacturers' panel furniture has formed a production process that is standardized and batched according to consumer demand, and can be processed on a large scale. Aluminum furniture is limited by processing technology and it is difficult to achieve mass production. In addition, as an emerging category of household goods, aluminum home furnishing companies are mostly transformed from operating door and window dealers, with low franchise and no particularly prominent brands.
“Green environmental protection is always the greatest competitiveness of aluminum alloy home.” Industry experts suggest that for the future development of aluminum alloy manufacturers' home furnishing industry, on the one hand, we must strengthen product design innovation, actively seek diversified and personalized style; The right entry point between panel homes and solid wood homes, you can work with real estate developers' hardcover projects. In the future, with the continuous attention to sustainable green living and the maturity of the aluminum household production process, aluminum households will be widely used in household products.
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