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1100 aluminum foil is good for heat sink

Date: 2019-08-02 15:03

The heat sink is generally made of 1100 aluminum foil:

The heat sink is generally made of 1100 aluminum foil. The main features of 1100 aluminum foil are low cost and low heat capacity, and the heat absorption is relatively slow, but the heat release is fast and the heat dissipation effect is better. The processing technology of aluminum alloy is relatively mature and widely used. The cost is not very high. 1100 aluminum foil is used to make heat sinks. It has superior performance, easy processing and good effect.
heat sink

Advantages of 1100 aluminum foil for heat sink:

The heat sink 1100 aluminum foil is one of pure aluminum, and the aluminum content is 99.00%. It has high corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity. It is usually used for good formability, high corrosivity, and is not required. In high-strength places, aluminum for heat sinks is because of its good thermal conductivity, and the resistance of the heat sink during heat dissipation is reduced, which is beneficial to the fast operation of the machine. Heat sink with 1100 aluminum foil for heat sink can reduce cost and achieve good performance

1100 aluminum foil

Excellent 1100 aluminum foil manufacturer:

Mingtai Aluminum is an excellent 1100 aluminum foil manufacturer with advanced production equipment and professional technicians. Its 1100 pure aluminum has low strength, but has good ductility, formability and weldability. It can be further anodized. Improved corrosion resistance while achieving an aesthetically pleasing surface.
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