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Introduction of marine aluminum plate 5083

Date: 2019-05-17 13:37
      Aluminum and aluminum alloy products are currently used more and more in the transportation industry. For example, all-aluminum bodywork has been introduced, lightweight and low-energy equipment, and high-strength aluminum alloy materials are gradually being applied to trucks, mainly without degradation. Under the premise of the strength of the car body, the weight is reduced, and as a shipbuilding industry, the aluminum plate is also known as the new favorite. Mingtai aluminum alloy manufacturers introduce you to the advantages of marine 5083 aluminum panels. The 5083H111 aluminum plate is the core product of the domestic ship market. It is mainly used for ship parts such as hulls, consoles and decks. It has the advantages of easy processing, corrosion resistance, small specific gravity and economical durability.
Low consumption, corrosion resistance: low density, high strength, high rigidity and corrosion resistance of aluminum. The weight of each ship is reduced by 8 to 100 tons compared to ships made of steel or other alloy materials. Reduce ship weight and reduce energy consumption. The most important part of the hull is the underwater part of the hull. The underwater part of the hull is resistant to seawater corrosion and is durable. Mintel aluminum alloy manufacturers 5083H116 and 5083H321, the two states of the ship have the best corrosion resistance. Although the temperature of the 5083H116 and H321 ship plates is slightly different during the production process, the corrosion resistance is significantly better than other states. In general, the marine aluminum plate for marine aluminum plate represented by 5083 can resist the corrosion of the atmosphere, steam, water and other media in the marine climate for a long time.
The 5083 ultra-thick aluminum plate belongs to the 5 series aluminum alloy and belongs to the Al-Mg-Si alloy. It is one of the key products of ultra-thick aluminum alloy. The 5083 ultra-thick aluminum sheet has good corrosion resistance, good weldability and cold workability. , medium strength. From the use of fuel tank tubing, traffic vehicles, instrument street lamps, hardware products, etc., 5083 ultra-thick aluminum panels are widely used and are the most promising 5 series alloys.
At present, aluminum alloy manufacturers' domestic 5083 ultra-thick aluminum plates are often used in the F state and the O state. The common thickness is 300-500mm, and the general specification is 1220 * 2440mm. It is commonly used as a mold and is one of the most important materials for mold manufacturing companies in coastal areas such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai. . At the same time, the 5083 super-thick aluminum plate has good anti-rust function, so it also becomes a rust-proof aluminum plate, which has broad application prospects in marine economy such as ship fittings. With the development of the world's shipbuilding industry, the 5083 ultra-thick aluminum plate will usher in more room for development.
The 5083 marine aluminum plate is one of the new products of the 5 series aluminum-magnesium alloy. Due to its high strength, strong stress resistance and corrosion resistance, it can adapt to the marine environment. At the same time, aluminum has low density and good solderability. It makes it easy to shape and form, so the 5083 marine aluminum plate is the future industry star of the future marine economy.
The 5083 marine aluminum plate is the main product to replace the current steel ship plate. Compared with ship plates, aluminum ship plates are characterized by light weight, corrosion resistance and long service life. Therefore, it is regarded by the world shipbuilding enterprises as a new type of promotion. product.
The development of the shipbuilding industry has led to an increase in the production level of the 5083 marine aluminum sheet.
In recent years, China's shipbuilding industry has significantly improved its shipbuilding industry due to many technological transformations and product developments. The production and sales of ships have increased year by year. In addition to China's emphasis on marine economic development and policy support, China's demand for marine aluminum panels continues to grow. For the domestic manufacturing industry, steel plate enterprises and aluminum processing enterprises are working hard to improve the research and development of science and technology, especially the aluminum alloy processing enterprises to develop and produce 5083 marine aluminum plates, which is the top priority in China. Aluminum plate manufacturing.
In the benign competition in the aluminum processing industry, the 5083 marine aluminum plate is developing steadily.
With the advancement of technology in the metallurgical industry, aluminum alloy manufacturers have increasingly higher quality control capabilities for the 5083 marine aluminum sheet. Replace ship board by big ship board red
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