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What are the common problems with color coated aluminum panels? How to solve it?

Date: 2019-05-17 13:33
As a  aluminum alloy manufacturer color-coated aluminum sheet that can be seen everywhere in our daily life, if there is no more attention during the production process and use, it is easy to have different problems. What are the common problems with color-coated aluminum sheets? How to solve it?  alu​minum alloy manufacturer will take you to find out
1. Coating leakage. Leakage coating refers to the quality defect formed by the aluminum plate not being coated by the coater during the production of the color coated aluminum sheet. It directly affects the appearance of color coated products and affects the performance of color coated aluminum products. At the same time, the corrosion resistance of the color-coated aluminum plate is also reduced, and the color-coated aluminum plate product should have characteristics, so it is necessary to understand the cause of the leakage during the production process in order to take measures to avoid and control the leakage defect.
2. The surface of the painted aluminum plate is scratched. Surface scratches are a surface defect in the production of color coated aluminum sheets. It affects the appearance of the color coated aluminum sheet and reduces the corrosion resistance of the color coated aluminum sheet. According to different sources, it can be divided into raw material scratches and production process scratches.
3. The bump point leaks. The coating does not adhere to the aluminum plate due to impurities on the raw material roll or the color coating line. It can be divided into two cases: pit leakage and bump leakage. The impurity material on the raw material may cause protrusion leakage after being coated. The solution is to check the cleaning quality of the raw materials before entering the paint after cleaning. However, when the color coated aluminum sheet has impurities, a concave leakage coating is formed after coating. According to the distance between the impressions and the circumference of the rolls, it is possible to judge the leakage coating caused by the impurities on the rolls. The solution is to clean the rollers of the color coating line before starting production to prevent debris from appearing on the painted aluminum panels.
4. Scratches on the surface of raw materials. Quality defects in the bottom plate in galvanizing production. When the  aluminum alloy manufacturer color-coated aluminum plate is produced by using the scratched substrate, the color difference on the surface of the color-coated aluminum plate is easily caused, resulting in defects in the quality of the coating. The control measure is to check the production quality of the previous process and prevent the scratched raw material substrate from entering the factory.
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