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Causes of oxidative corrosion of insulated aluminum coils

Date: 2019-05-17 13:31
Mingtai alumium Insulation aluminum coil is a very common kind of aluminum in life. We all know that aluminum is easy to corrode. Then, what is the cause of the oxidation corrosion of the aluminum coil?
Mingtai Corrosion of aluminum coils: Corrosive oxidation refers to the aluminum coil before it is used. Due to the state of packaging in a package, the aluminum coil is not completely exposed to the air and has not formed a protective layer. In this case, the aluminum coil is not After the water is exposed to rain or moisture, the moisture in the moisture will chemically react with the aluminum roll to form the corrosion of the aluminum coil. The corroded aluminum coil will show signs of corrosion, and the fierce condition will be black. Like being burned by fire. However, after this corrosion occurs, the secondary damage of the aluminum coil will not be exhibited any more, and the aluminum coil itself has no problem, but the appearance is damaged.
Insulating aluminum coil
How to avoid oxidation corrosion of aluminum coils?
1. There should be places where there is rain or snow on the roof of the workshop and warehouse. It is not necessary to place aluminum coils.
2, strengthen the management of air boring, to ensure that there is no water in the compressed air.
3, the packaging of aluminum foil rolls should be sealed, and each volume should be placed in the appropriate amount of desiccant.
4. When transporting from a low temperature area to a high temperature and high humidity area, do not open the sealed package immediately.
5. Strengthen the management of rolling oil, and its water content is controlled below 0.04%.
6. The humidity of the wooden shaft and box board of the package is not more than 18%, and the temperature of the packaged colorful aluminum coil is not more than 45 °C.
Oxidation in normal conditions means that after the aluminum coil is applied, for example, on the pipeline, the aluminum coil will be completely touched by the air and form an oxide film. This oxide film will protect the aluminum coil from further corrosion, so Even if it rains again, it will not corrode when it is exposed to the sun.
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