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Insulation aluminum coil production wholesale price market

Date: 2019-05-17 13:31
Mingtai aluminum aluminum alloy manufacturer insulation coil production wholesale price, after the aluminum coil is cleaned, chromed, roll coated, baked, etc., the surface of the aluminum coil is coated with paint of various colors, that is, color coating Aluminum coils. The insulation data can be closely related to the decoration surface data. From then on, the problem that the insulation data and the decoration surface data cannot be closely related is dealt with. After the contact, it is not easy to fall, nor loose, and the wind resistance strength of the decoration surface information is enhanced. The colors are also diverse;
Mingtai Aluminum Aluminum Alloy Manufacturer Insulation Aluminum Roll
And can be processed into a total shape of the forest, more able to express the characteristics of the construction. Color aluminum is widely used in many fields such as insulation board, aluminum curtain wall, aluminum-magnesium manganese roofing system, aluminum ceiling, etc. due to its light texture, bright color, easy processing and rusting. The heat-insulating aluminum plate is not heated or melted, but it forms a hole-like charred material with less smoke and strong anti-ignition and resists flame extension. Even if the heat-insulating aluminum plate is exposed to fire or high temperature, because of its outstanding heat insulation function, it is only Its appearance is heating up rapidly;
Agile produces char and acts as a flame-resistant extension and maintains the core without incineration, presenting an excellent fire barrier. Coated aluminum coils can be easily divided into: surface-coated paints, which are classified into polyester (PE) coated aluminum coils and fluorocarbon (PVDF) coated aluminum coils due to different processing and use purposes; Aluminum coated rolls. Of course, there is also a case where fluorocarbon is coated on one side and polyester is coated on the other side; even a case where fluorocarbon is coated on both sides. To test the two-layer insulation of the thermal insulation aluminum plate, attach an aluminum foil to the polyurethane foam upper mold;
Mingtai Aluminum Aluminum Alloy Manufacturer Insulation Aluminum Roll
After foaming, the aluminum foil acts as a release agent, while the other side is associated with foaming, which enhances the wind pressure resistance of the aluminum sheet. It is sufficient to clarify the two-layer insulation of the heat-insulating aluminum sheet. Coating thickness: can be divided into single coating (4μm-20 μm); double coating (25μm-28 μm); 3 coating (35μm-38μm); various patterns on the surface, also become wood grain aluminum coil, stone aluminum Rolls, bricks, camouflage aluminum coils, fabric aluminum coils, etc.; because of different uses, we are usually used as roofing materials (aluminum-magnesium-manganese roofing system), ceilings (made of aluminum alloy ceilings), and drawing boards (the surface is brushed) Wait.
The decorative strength is different from that of other external thermal insulation boards, and the rigid polyurethane with low thermal conductivity and high thermal insulation property is directly bonded to the back surface of the formed aluminum plate by infusion foaming. The temperature resistance is good, the melting point of aluminum is 660 degrees, and the general temperature does not reach its melting point. It is environmentally friendly and difficult to change. It is operated with a chromium-free treatment solution. The roller paint contains active chemical molecules to form a protective layer on the surface of the material. Active chemical molecules are stable and easy to recycle, meeting environmental requirements
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