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Mingtai Aluminum Alloy Manufacturer How is the 7075 aluminum plate manufactured? Do you know?

Date: 2019-05-17 13:29
Mingtai Aluminum Alloy Manufacturer 7075 Aluminum Sheet Dispensing Process Overview
When the workpiece is a good stick, it is held by the fixing bracket. Each hydraulic cylinder can apply a pressure of 90 tons to the billet profile. If necessary, the JIJ bulging mechanism can be used to control the cross-rolling position of the round-shaped tube blank, so that a round-shaped bamboo material can be produced. The three branches are separated from the frame and are 120 angles. Each of the sticks is driven by a hydraulic cylinder with a J457 mm. The heart is driven by a ZOOJ motor. The motor used is 75 forces
Each fuel pipe consists of a 叻63527 mm aluminum tube as the outer layer and a 508XZ2 mm non-embroidered price for the inner layer. 7075 aluminum plate This article is the titanium manufacturing technology lecture organized by the Japan Titanium Association. It introduces the production process and production technology of 7075 aluminum plate. The 6063 aluminum tube is based on the steel production equipment, and the manufacturing process is almost the same as the general stainless steel seamless tube 7075. Aluminum plate is mainly used in chemical equipment (heat exchanger, high pressure and high temperature parts of piping), chemical equipment (urea equipment, etc.), which are corrosion resistant, high temperature and high pressure environment, mostly thick-walled tubes.
Mingtai aluminum alloy manufacturer 7075 aluminum plate hot-worked steel seamless pipe manufacturing method has Mannesmann pipe manufacturing method, Ren En-Saijur extrusion pipe method (hereinafter referred to as extrusion method) El Hart roof Tube method. Titanium and steel are difficult to process materials, generally using extrusion method. The extrusion process uses glass as a lubricant. This glass lubricant has suitable viscosity and heat insulation in the processing temperature scale and can be used. Manufacture of difficult-to-machine materials (stainless steel, nickel alloy, titanium, etc.), first, mechanically finished blanks,
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