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1235 aluminum foil's hot stamping effect

Date: 2020-01-09 10:15

1235 aluminum foil has a soft texture, good ductility, and a silvery white luster. If the calendered sheet is pressed onto an offset paper with a material such as sodium silicate, it can be printed.

1235 aluminum foil introduction

1235 aluminum foil is produced by metal aluminum rolling. Tin foil is softer than 1235 aluminum foil, while tin foil is not heated due to its low melting point, or it begins to embrittle when heated above 160 °C. Only in food packaging, 1235 aluminum foil is available worldwide. The metal element, and for packaging foods and beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc., it is preferred to use a barrier material as a packaging material.

1235 aluminum foil

What is the use of 1235 aluminum alloy foil

1235 aluminum foil is used for flexible packaging. It is a bag container made of soft composite packaging material. The appearance of 1235 aluminum foil for flexible packaging has greatly improved the mechanization and automation level of the food and beverage industry, and has accelerated the modernization and socialization of people's eating and drinking life. process. In developed countries, 1235 aluminum alloy foil has become one of the main packaging forms for food and beverages. The high temperature of 1235 aluminum foil is mainly used for kitchen cooking and food.

The 1235 aluminum foil production company is basically free of pollution. The environmental impact is only the industrial oil spill into the sewer and smoke emissions, so just check the oil content of the sewage outlet water and the smoke exhaust of the chimney.

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