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Surface treatment of Mingtai aluminum coil

Date: 2019-11-21 09:08

The aluminum coil requires some surface pre-treatment before the finished product to ensure that the aluminum roll surface remains clean before rolling. In order to avoid residual grease and lubricant on the surface, it will affect the coating and use. Therefore, the Mingtai aluminum coil was pretreated in the following aspects before molding.

Cleaning aluminum coils with hot water

Hot water cleaning is mainly to clean the degreaser remaining on the surface of the aluminum coil substrate to ensure that these residues can be dissolved to prevent secondary contamination of the substrate. The method of use is mainly the method of dipping and spraying. Do not use too much water. Otherwise, minerals in the water will form spots on the surface of the aluminum coil substrate. Secondly, because the precoat line is faster and the hot alkali degreasing is faster, the concentration of degreaser used is usually higher.

Passivation of aluminum coil

The passivation treatment is carried out by pressure spraying, dip coating or roll coating on the surface of the substrate to form a conversion film. Generally, a method of pressurized injection is used, and sludge generated by the passivating liquid during use tends to clog the injection hole, thereby affecting the effect of the injection. Although the dip coating method solves this problem, the passivation solution is consumed in a large amount. Roll coating is a passivation construction method with uniform coating film, economical and practical, and no need for impregnation.

The above is a brief description of the surface treatment work of Mingtai Aluminum Coil. The company is a large modern aluminum processing enterprise integrating scientific research, processing and manufacturing. The company is dedicated to transportation, mechanical equipment and power engineering. Lightweight development. If you need to consult a product, feel free to contact 

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