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High quality orange peel pattern aluminum plate from China Mingtai manufacturer

Date: 2019-05-20 10:40
Mingtai Aluminum Aluminum Alloy Manufacturer:
Orange peel pattern aluminum plate products are widely used in aerospace, mold, instrumentation, chemical, construction, packaging, anti-corrosion insulation, air conditioning, solar energy, refrigerators and other industries. Pattern aluminum plate manufacturers to introduce to you
Orange peel pattern aluminum board introduction:
Since the density of aluminum is only 2.71 and the density of iron is 7.8, the weight per square metre of aluminum is less than 1/3 of that of stainless steel, which can reduce the cost of the enterprise and reduce the pressure of the bracket.
Orange peel tread plate Product details: Aluminum has good anti-rust effect. In the external environment, rain, sun exposure and heavy snow have little damage to aluminum. It is not like iron sheet. It will rust quickly after seeing rain. It can be seen from two points that aluminum tiles can completely replace stainless steel materials to a large extent, and at the same time, the cost is lower, which is the material of choice for the construction industry. The main products are: aluminum plate, aluminum tape, aluminum coil, aluminum foil, aluminum foil, aluminum tile, aluminum wafer, coated aluminum plate, alloy aluminum plate, alloy aluminum strip, alloy aluminum coil, pattern aluminum plate, pressed aluminum plate, corrugated aluminum plate, color More than 10 varieties, more than 1,000 specifications, such as aluminum coil, color aluminum plate, thermal insulation aluminum skin, anti-corrosion aluminum skin. What are the types of aluminum plates? What are the characteristics? [Answer] What are the types of aluminum plates? What are the characteristics? There are many types of aluminum plates, including pure aluminum and alloy aluminum.
Because the orange peel pattern aluminum plate has good corrosion resistance and can resist the corrosion of nitric acid, it transports corrosive gas. The processing performance of the orange peel pattern aluminum plate is very good. When the wall thickness of the tube wall is less than 1.5 mm, the bite connection can be used, and the wall thickness of the tube wall is welded at 1 '5 mm or more. The circular duct of aluminum plate is a circular duct made of aluminum plate as a raw material, which is made into a tubular shape by manual or mechanical winding, and is rounded on a rounding machine. It can be quantitatively produced according to the customer's required length, or it can be processed according to the drawings. Processing capacity: shearing, bending, welding, punching, riveting, laser cutting, water cutting. Surface treatment: oxidation, plastic, fluorocarbon spray, sand blasting, etc.
Quality products are:
1. 1, 3, 5 series hot rolled oxidized materials (for stamping, stretching, etc.)
2. 5052, 5083, 5182 alloy aluminum plate
3. 6061 T6 aluminum plate (surface brightness, hardness and other performance in line with national standards) / 6061 T651 aluminum plate
4. 1100, 1070, 3003 cathode electronic aluminum foil for capacitors; low voltage anode foil
5. Mirror bright gemstone aluminum plate, five ribbed aluminum plate (large and small five); national standard small 3 ribs, aluminum gasket, aluminum composite panel, curtain wall panel 6. 5182 Easy pull lid material, umbrella aggregate.
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