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Aluminum alloy manufacturers' considerations in transportation products

Date: 2019-05-20 11:26
Regarding the problems in the transportation process, the aluminum coil and the aluminum plate itself are relatively resistant to corrosion, but if the rain is carried out during transportation, the surface is uniformly corroded, which affects the appearance during use, so the aluminum plate, the aluminum strip, the embossed aluminum plate When it is necessary to prevent moisture and rain during transportation, the anti-corrosive liquid should not be mixed with materials such as moisture, oil, chemical raw materials, etc., so as to avoid local or corrosion, and scrap aluminum or aluminum.
Secondly, the hardness of the aluminum plate is generally low, so the anti-collision work should be done well during the transportation process, especially the aluminum foil is more prone to bruises and bruises, so it is necessary to do a good job in loading and unloading and transshipment. In the place where the spreader should be in contact with the soft belt and the aluminum plate, corner guards should be used to ensure the safe arrival of the goods.
The loss of aluminum coil aluminum plate transportation is nothing more than the following: scratch, bump, and water oxidation. Unreasonable loading is the main cause of loss. Therefore, when the aluminum plate is loaded:
First, be stable, don't put it on other goods, and put it under the car;
Second, the aluminum plates can be stacked in layers, but should not be too high, not more than 3-4 layers;
Third, other cargo in the compartment should be reinforced to avoid bumping the aluminum plate during driving;
Finally, the aluminum plate should be covered with a tarpaulin to avoid loss of the aluminum plate due to weather such as rain or snow.
It is hoped that the above considerations for the transportation of aluminum coil aluminum sheet materials can help people better transport and store aluminum sheets and aluminum coils to protect aluminum from damage.
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