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0.3 thick anodized 1060 aluminum coil

Date: 2019-05-24 15:26
Mingtai Aluminum Company sales and operation, aluminum sheet, aluminum tube, aluminum strip, aluminum foil, cold rolled aluminum sheet, hot rolled aluminum sheet, embossed aluminum sheet, aluminum rod, non-slip aluminum sheet, rust-proof aluminum sheet aluminum plate, aluminum coil plate, pattern aluminum plate, 5052 aluminum plate , 6061 aluminum plate, reflective aluminum plate, alloy aluminum plate, insulation aluminum plate, 3003 aluminum plate, 1060 aluminum plate, aluminum row, aluminum tile. Wait. Now there are more than 10,000 tons of inventory backlog, price advantage, quality assurance. The following different materials can meet the needs of different customers.
Aluminum plate:
1. Pure aluminum plate: Material: 1050/1060/1070/1100/ 1200/Thickness: 0.1——-20mm Width: 800——-2200mm
2, alloy aluminum plate: material: 2A21/3003/5052/5083/6061/6082 / 8011 thickness: 0.5 - -260mm width: 800 - 2800mm
3, the curtain wall open flat aluminum plate: material: 1060/1100 thickness 0.95, 1.35, 1.85, 2.35, 2.7, 2.85mm width 0.8 - 1.5m
Aluminum coils:
Material: 1060/1100/8011/3003/3004/5052 Thickness: 0.1——-10mm Width: 600——-2000mm
1. Anti-corrosion and anti-rust insulation aluminum coil material: 1060/3003 Thickness: 0.3——-3.0mm Width: 600——-2000mm
2. Aluminum coil of power plant Material: 1060/3003 Thickness: 0.5, 0.6, 0.75, 0.8mm Width: 600——-1200mm
3, color coated aluminum coil / embossed aluminum coil Material: 1100/1060 / 3003 thickness: 0.02 - -1.2mm width: 600-1370mm
Aluminum belt:
1. Transformer aluminum strip material: 1060 - O state Thickness: 0.08 - -3.0mm
2. Aluminum strip for aluminum-plastic composite pipe Material: 8011——O state Thickness: 0.12——-0.3mm
3. Aluminum foil tape for cable coating: 8011——O state or 1060——O state thickness: 0.12——-0.27mm
Embossed aluminum plate (volume):
1. Material: 1060/3003 Thickness: 0.08——-2.0mm Width: 100——-1370mm
2, embossed flower pattern: classic orange peel, insect pattern, water droplet pattern, diamond pattern, hammer pattern, bean pattern, diamond pattern, cobblestone pattern, water ripple.
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