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How to use embossed aluminum coils at home?

Date: 2019-05-27 16:27
The embossed aluminum coil is an aluminum coil with a simple decorative design on the surface. It is usually made of 1xxx, 3xxx and 5xxx series aluminum alloys and is widely used due to its unique properties. First of all, they are very light. Aluminum is much less dense than other metals, making it inevitably lighter than iron, zinc and other common metals.
Second, they are very smart. In an era where people hope that plastic surgeons will change their natural appearance in pursuit of beauty, products with attractive brightness will never go wrong.
Third, they have excellent rust resistance and excellent corrosion resistance, which helps to maintain their brightness for a long time. Fourth, it is also the most important for manufacturers of various articles, and aluminum coils have perfect tensile strength. The best representative is the 5052, which has a tensile strength of 12-20%, almost twice that of 1060 (also known for its advantageous tensile strength).
This unique property makes the above-mentioned aluminum alloy an ideal raw material for complex deformation process products.
Let's take a look at the wide range of embossed aluminum coils used at home. It is recommended that you pause before reading. Take a few seconds to think about the use of the home.
Let us now see how much you have. We can also start with furniture. Look at the sliding door of the closet and feel its thickness and weight, and you will make a judgment immediately.
Yes, it is not made of thick wood, not heavy steel. It is a thin, embossed aluminum alloy. Go to the kitchen to check the cabinet. You will find that almost the entire body is made of embossed aluminum coils. The third step is the ceiling of the kitchen and toilet. Due to their special location, these ceilings must be water, oil and weather, and beautiful.
An embossed aluminum coil meets these requirements. If you continue to seek more things will get your attention. Photo frames, package labels, and refrigerator interior panels have all become interesting discoveries.
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