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What is anodized cold rolled aluminum coil?

Date: 2019-05-28 15:42
The cold rolled aluminum coil used for anodizing uses the raw material of the cold rolled aluminum coil and then anodized to obtain the final product - anodized aluminum coil. Several aluminum alloys can be anodized.
The oxidation treatment of 1060 aluminum coil is not very demanding. After oxidation, the surface is prone to chromatic aberration, so the cost is low. The 1050 and 5052 aluminum foils are oxidized and have no color difference, so the cost is slightly higher than the 1060 aluminum coil).
Anodized aluminum coils have been widely used in mechanical parts, aircraft, automotive parts, precision instruments and radio equipment, architectural decoration, chassis, lighting, consumer electronics, handicrafts, household appliances, furniture, interior decoration, signage, automotive decoration and other industries.
The process for cold-rolled aluminum coils for anodizing is: grouting - degreasing - washing - alkali etching - washing - neutralization - washing - anodizing - washing - sealing holes - washing - testing - packaging.
Degreasing, corrosive etching, neutralization, anodizing and sealing are key to ensuring the quality of the oxidation process.
The application of cold-rolled aluminum coils to anodizing includes: lighting (LED lights, grille lights, tunnel lights, explosion-proof lights, etc.). Interior and exterior decoration (integrated ceiling).
Consumer electronics (laptops, mobile phones, digital cameras, MP3s, mobile hard drives, PDAs, etc.).
Household appliance panels (refrigerator panels and linings, TV back linings and backplanes, display stands, engine covers, etc.). Labels (cosmetics packaging, photo frames, logos, etc.). Building and solar energy.
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