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What is the basic knowledge of buying aluminum coils?

Date: 2019-05-28 16:28
Aluminum coils are widely used in everyday and industrial applications, including automotive, pharmaceutical, electrical and food services. Many people who buy aluminum coils may have a basic understanding of it, but aluminum coil buyers should be aware of other aspects.
6061 Aluminum Coil
Aluminum coils come in different types, such as cold rolling and hot rolling. They have a lot of differences, let me tell you one by one. Regarding the raw materials before processing, the hot-rolled aluminum coil is cast in aluminum ingot, and the cold-rolled aluminum coil is a large-plate aluminum ingot.
Regarding the processing technology, the hot rolled aluminum coil-500 mm thick aluminum ingot is cast hot to 10 mm thick, and then hot rolled to the specification thickness (0.4 mm), and the processing load is large. For cold-rolled aluminum coils - large-plate aluminum ingots are melted into liquid aluminum and then directly processed into 7.0 mm aluminum sheets, which are cold-rolled to a specified thickness and have a small processing load. About material properties.
The properties of hot rolled aluminum coils are good in compactness, metal crystallinity, good surface properties, mechanical toughness and weldability. In cold rolled aluminum coils, the density is less than that of hot rolled aluminum coils, the crystallinity of the metal is poor, the surface, mechanical toughness, and the welding performance are worse than that of the hot rolled aluminum coil.
about the price. The price of hot rolled aluminum coils is generally higher than that of cold rolled aluminum coils and the price is about $100/ton.
The above is the knowledge of hot rolled and cold rolled aluminum coils, do you have it? Before purchasing any aluminum coil, you must determine the aluminum coil you use based on the application and alloy content to select the right aluminum coil.
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