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What is common in aluminum?

Date: 2019-05-29 15:50
In fact, aluminum and its alloys are a widely used engineering metal range. Although it is common in the earth's crust, it requires more energy to reduce the metal form than iron. Therefore, the price of aluminum is about three times that of steel. However, in some applications, it does (and I will barely admit) that there are some advantages in steel.
First, it forms an adherent oxide layer when exposed to air, so it does not "rust". In contrast, most grades of steel (except stainless steel) form a layer of exfoliated oxide that detaches or is permeable to oxygen, allowing for more oxidation. Two metals are used for the oxide, but peeling off the oxide layer (rust) causes the entire component to eventually collapse. Steel is much cheaper and more robust than aluminum, and it continues to be used in many applications, but must be painted (painted, zinc, etc.) to prevent rust.
The density of aluminum is also much lower than that of iron. Its strength is also much lower, but depending on the level of strength required, the weight of the aluminum component is usually light enough to prove that aluminum is used instead of steel. For this reason, the aerospace industry prefers aluminum because weight reduction is critical to aircraft and spacecraft. It has also made some limited progress in the automotive market, helping to reduce the weight of cars and trucks and thus improving gasoline mileage. However, the loss of strength, coupled with the increased cost of aluminum and steel, has proven to be a real obstacle to the use of aluminum in automotive applications. Because of the opposite power of weight and strength versus cost and safety, the battle in the industry is fierce.
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