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Disposable aluminum foil lunch box

Date: 2019-06-10 13:50
As the name implies, “aluminum foil lunch box” is an aluminum disposable lunch box, which is a new type of catering distribution container. Compared with other materials, it has light material, high barrier, UV resistance, moisture resistance and corrosion protection. Long-term characteristics, but also because aluminum can better maintain the freshness and moisture of food, more in line with modern people's environmental health concept.
      At present, aluminum foil lunch boxes are mostly used for the packaging of aviation food, cake food retail and supermarket food such as roast chicken. In fact, as early as during the APEC meeting in Shanghai, aluminum foil lunch boxes have become the preferred dining utensils for heads of state. During the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, aluminum foil lunch boxes were “popular” among athletes and service personnel. At the Shanghai World Expo last year, aluminum foil lunch boxes were first used in large-scale applications in China. It is understood that during the World Expo, only in the central kitchen of the Expo employees, the daily supply is about 6,000 copies, up to nearly 10,000 copies.
      Although the “aluminum foil lunch box” has been well applied at the World Expo, how to make the “aluminum foil lunch box” not stop at the Expo site and truly integrate into the daily life of ordinary people, we still have a way to go.
Aluminum foil lunch box
      Who will replace "white pollution"
      In China, the “silver box” of “aluminum foil lunch box” is still a little strange to ordinary people. Plastic lunch boxes are commonly used in the market. Relevant data indicates that almost 95% of disposable lunch boxes used in the Shanghai market are polystyrene plastic lunch boxes. This plastic lunch box not only brings harm to human health, but also causes great pollution to the environment.
      The physical characteristics of plastic lunch boxes have obvious drawbacks when used. When people use disposable foam plastic tableware to hold hot food or boiling water at temperatures above 65 degrees Celsius, the toxic substances contained in the tableware are easily immersed. food. If the concentration of this harmful substance exceeds the standard, the poison will be even greater. Foreign research results show that the long-term absorption of chemicals in disposable foaming utensils will cause damage to the liver and kidneys. In addition to causing harm to the human body, this "white pollution" has caused greater damage to the environment. Discarding used plastic lunch boxes in the environment not only affects the cityscape and natural landscape, but also forms a “potential hazard” to the ecological environment because it is difficult to degrade.
      Relevant national and local authorities have successively promulgated relevant policies and regulations prohibiting the use of disposable foam plastic tableware. But unfortunately, these unqualified tableware are still “prevailing” on the people's table. In the case of the state's three-and-a-half application, it is only “transfer to sell” and has not been effectively curbed. Nowadays, under the concept of “post-expo”, which is based on green life, this lunch box has to withdraw from the historical stage.
      So, what kind of material lunch box is used to replace disposable foam tableware? The product is light in weight, meets national food hygiene standards, is easy to recycle, has no harmful substances in the process, and does not pollute renewable resources... These advantages make the “aluminum foil lunch box” the first choice for replacing plastic lunch boxes. In addition, the main feature of the "aluminum foil lunch box" is that the recycling rate is high, which has a very positive significance for saving resources and reducing environmental pollution.
      “Circular application” is a valuable feature of “aluminum”. According to reports, aluminum recycling can be as many as twenty-five times, and the service life is as long as two or three hundred years, and the production of recycled aluminum can also save a lot of energy. Each ton of recycled aluminum produces only 5% of the energy used to produce electrolytic aluminum per ton. At the same time, the carbon dioxide emissions are 91% lower than that of primary aluminum produced by hydropower, and 97% less than the primary aluminum produced by fuel power generation. In addition, compared to the geological changes caused by “white pollution”, the aluminum lunch box can be weathered in the soil for two to three years, and does not cause continuous damage to the land and changes in implantability.
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