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High quality cable aluminum foil manufacturers - Mingtai aluminum

Date: 2019-07-17 16:12
    With the rapid development of world economy, international market demand cable in aluminum foil material rising velocity is also very alarming, in particular communication cable fiber optic cable more through investigation and analysis of the market demand, China's domestic cable factory has amounted to hundreds of cable to use aluminum foil composite manufacturers more, and can produce the aluminum foil processing unit also many but from the quality analysis of the aluminum foil supply unit, the user generally reflect the poor quality and very unstable, mainly displays in the alloy composition instability tensile strength is not high, low elongation, holes slag staining scratch is serious, lead to the user in a composite cutting or take or cable production interruption Compound film peeling, thus causing great economic losses to both sides.As competition intensified, the downstream users of cable quality requirements higher and higher, especially the aluminum foil materials for optical fiber cable and export cable technology standard is far higher than the national communications industry made order of technical standard, tensile strength control in 90 105 mpa, elongation and must be more than 25% in the face of high technical indexes of competition.
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     At the same time,China henan ming-tai aluminum for technical innovation constantly, introduce cutting equipment, in the process of aluminum foil shard, paste on the razor pulverized to remove, guarantee the segmentation effect, so as to improve the cutting efficiency, reduces the cost of using,It is convenient for people to use. The powder produced in the cutting process is filtered and collected to prevent the powder from entering the air, so as to protect people's life and health. It is suitable for widespread use.At the same time, strict control of the production of aluminum foil rolling, cutting, annealing and inspection of packaging and other nodes to ensure the high quality of products, and provide a complete service system from pre-sale to after-sales.And last welcome to email
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