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some measures to improve the properties of cable aluminum foil

Date: 2019-07-17 16:14

Cable foil is generally 1235 alloy, can also choose 8011 alloy.For 1235 cable foil, Fe and Si are the main heterogeneous elements, and the national standard stipulates w(Fe+Si)≤O.55%.Traditional engineering, the Fe and si in 1235 sets of gold are the main impurities and are limited, while the mechanical properties of o-state products are mainly realized through final annealing.Therefore, the influence of impurity elements and medium tempering technology on the properties of finished cable foils has aroused enough attention of people, and the relevant technical data are limited. This paper expounds the relationship between the mechanical properties of cable foils and the chemical composition and production process parameters through industrial test and production practice.

cable aluminum foil


Cable aluminum foil production technology

Cast and rolled plate: 7.A 0 2 mm.2 to 0.15mm cut into 10 pieces

Product tempering (380℃ ~ 420℃, l5 -- 24h) one product.
Cast and rolled plate:
2 ram a 0.A medium temperature tempering (480~ 51O℃, 4 ~ 8h) a cold rolling one 0.2 ~ 015nlnl per minute


Cut one finished product annealing (38o ~ 420℃, 15 ~ 24h)~ finished product.

By analyzing the influence of chemical composition, casting, rolling, refining and filtering process, intermediate annealing and other factors on the performance of cable foil, it is concluded that the proper selection of 1235 alloy Fe and si element content ratio, and at the same time improve the strength and elongation of cable foil, the use of intermediate annealing technology can reduce the strength of finished aluminum foil, improve the plasticity.The higher the temperature, the better the elongation.

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