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tank trucks with 5182 aluminum and 5083 aluminum

Date: 2019-11-21 11:18

Aluminum alloy tanks have led the lightweight trend of the tanker industry and successfully subverted the design concept of traditional carbon steel tankers. At the same time, aluminum alloy tankers are expanding in China's market and will play an increasingly important role in road transport. Mingtai offers you the following aluminum panels.


Aluminum alloys commonly used

Aluminum alloys commonly used in aluminum alloy semi-trailers are 5083 aluminum, 5454 aluminum and 5182 aluminum. Here Mingtai Aluminum introduced the performance of the three.The 5083 alloy aluminum plate is a widely used aluminum tanker in China. The main element is magnesium, which has good welding performance, corrosion resistance and processing properties, medium strength, and is used in the manufacture of liquid tankers such as tank trucks.


5182 tanker aluminum plate

5182 tanker aluminum sheet 

The 5182 tanker aluminum sheet is the latest high-magnesium alloy tanker that was born in recent years for the European Road Dangerous Goods Transportation Agreement. Its tensile strength and elongation value are relatively high. It is welded with 5182 aluminum alloy, and the mechanical properties in the weld can reach the minimum value specified for the base metal. The excellent quality of the 5182 alloy plate improves the safety of the aluminum alloy tanker.

Mingtai Aluminum supplier profile:

Mingtai Aluminum, as a large aluminum products manufacturer, mainly produces 1000 series, 2000 series, 3000 series, 4000 series, 5000 series, 6000 series of high quality aluminum alloy products,they are used in: mold, packaging, shipbuilding, construction Industry and other industries. Aluminum sheet,aluminum coil, aluminum foil are all high quality products,  they are selling to the United States, Canada, India, Australia and other parts of the world,establishing long term cooperation relationships.

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