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Three characteristics of 3003 aluminum foil rolling

Date: 2019-07-17 16:54
In the production of 3003 aluminum foil, aluminum foil rolling in roughing, rolling, finishing process, three roughing rolling with aluminum plate with similar characteristics, the thickness of the control relies mainly on the rolling force and tension after roughing processing thickness is small, the characteristics of rolling has been completely different from aluminum strip rolling, with the particularity of rolling aluminum foil, its characteristic mainly has the following several aspects:

(1)Aluminum strip rolling. To make the aluminum strip thin mainly depends on the rolling force, so the automatic control mode of plate thickness is constant roll gap as the main body of AGC control mode, even if the rolling force changes, adjust the roll gap at any time to maintain a certain value can get the same thickness of the plate and strip. And because to finishing of rolling aluminum foil, aluminum foil thickness is very thin, rolling, rolling force, make the rolls elastic deformation is easier than being rolled material to produce plastic deformation, the elastic flattening of roll can't be ignored, roll play flattening determines the aluminum foil rolling, the rolling force is not like the mill, aluminum foil rolling is generally under the condition of constant pressure without rolling, roll gap adjustment relies mainly on the aluminum foil thickness after tension and rolling speed.
3003 aluminum foil
(2) pack rolling. For extremely thin aluminum foil with thickness less than 0.02mm(the thickness is related to the diameter of the working roller), because of the elastic flattening of the roller, it is very difficult to use the single sheet rolling method, so the method of double rolling is adopted, that is, the two pieces of aluminum foil with lubricating oil, and then together for rolling (also known as rolling). Lamination rolling can not only produce sheet rolling can not produce very thin aluminum foil rolling, but also can reduce the number of broken band, improve labor productivity, using this process can produce 0.006mm ~ 0.03mm single-side light aluminum foil.

(3) velocity effect. In the process of 3003 aluminum foil rolling, the thinning of foil thickness with the rise of rolling system is called velocity effect. The explanation of the mechanism of velocity effect still needs to be further studied. The reasons for the velocity effect are generally considered as follows:1) the friction state between the working roller and the rolling material changes. With the increase of rolling speed, the amount of lubricating oil is increased, so that the lubrication state between the roller and the rolling material changes. The friction coefficient decreases, the oil film thickens, and the thickness of aluminum foil decreases accordingly.
2) changes of the rolling mill itself. In rolling mills with cylindrical bearings, the necks float in the bearings as the rolling speed increases, so that the two interacting rollers move closer to each other.3) processing softening of materials when they are deformed by rolling. The rolling speed of high speed aluminum foil rolling mill is very high, with the increase of rolling speed, the temperature of rolling deformation zone opens up, it is calculated that the temperature of metal in the deformation zone can rise to 200℃, which is equivalent to an intermediate recovery annealing, so the phenomenon of processing softening of rolled materials is caused.
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From the point of view of technology, it can be generally divided into rolling export thickness. The general method is rough rolling when the export thickness is greater than or equal to 0.05mm, medium rolling when the export thickness is between 0.013 and 0.05, and fine rolling when the export thickness is less than 0.02mm. The 3003 aluminum foil exported by Ming tai has high rolling accuracy, strict thickness control, no burr and flat, which is widely used for making aluminum foil for filter, lunch box packaging, aluminum honeycomb core, and electronic aluminum foil.
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