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The use of inks in the production of aluminum foil

Date: 2019-07-28 08:53
With the development of the market and the improvement of the economic level, people have higher requirements on the packaging and decoration of products, and the product packaging color is colorful. More and more beer packaging USES aluminum foil seal bottle mouth and thin aluminum foil bottleneck label. So many aluminum foil seal bottle mouth and thin aluminum foil bottleneck label, it is necessary to have a special aluminum foil packaging printing ink, so intaglio aluminum foil ink came into being.
Aluminum foil ink cutting
Pure aluminum foil is brittle, flexible strength is not enough, usually printed on varnish or aluminum foil ink, which can improve the flexibility of aluminum foil, improve the cutting effect. Under normal circumstances after printing ink can not print light oil, can also meet the requirements of cutting, that is, separate printing on light oil or ink can meet the requirements of cutting. Printing surface is too hard or too soft is not conducive to cutting, printing surface is too slippery or too blunt is not conducive to cutting. Usually, the content of nitrocellulose in the aluminum foil ink can be adjusted to meet the requirements. The number of seconds of nitrocellulose is proportional to the hardness. If the single nitrocellulose cannot meet the requirements, two kinds of nitrocellulose can be used to meet the requirements. The smoothness of the surface can be adjusted by using wax powder to meet the requirements. Usually also add some leveling agents to improve the printing effect, prevent the production of orange peel, smooth ink layer to facilitate cutting. One thing to note is that the levelling agent do not add too much, because some levelling agents have extinction reaction, will affect the brightness and adhesion of aluminum foil inks.

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Aluminum foil ink resistance to freezing and water resistance
Aluminum foil seal bottle mouth and thin aluminum foil bottle neck label is often used to do beer label, in the summer, beer is usually put in the refrigerator to freeze, its surface has water droplets, so aluminum foil ink is usually required to have antifreeze and water resistance. The ink layer made of polyamide resin with lower softening point has good low temperature resistance. Increasing the amount of polyamide resin in the formula of producing ink or mixing ink will improve the frost resistance. But using oleoamide or wax powder can improve water resistance.
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