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High temperature resistant 3003 tape foil

Date: 2019-10-12 16:41

3003 tape foil is a new type of high temperature engineering material with unique properties. Modern industry, especially in the high-tech field, plays an irreplaceable role. High-temperature tape can be used as a shelf material in the industry, and can also be used as a sliding protection material. It shows superior performance and good development prospects in applications.

3003 tape foil forming method

Although the 3003 tape foil is resistant to high temperatures, it is difficult to form by injection molding. The introduction of more active ether linkages in the acid anhydride molecular chain is an effective way to improve the molecular flexibility and shaping. Of course, there are many other methods, and it is also possible to synthesize a flexible high temperature resistant 3003 tape foil, which can be injection molded. The common molding methods of the high temperature resistant 3003 tape foil include die casting molding method and injection molding method. The die casting molding method heats and presses the data in the cavity, and cools the data under the pressure holding state.

3003 tape foil

Improve the performance of 3003 aluminum foil tape

In order to improve the performance of the aluminum foil tape, an effective method is to compositely modify the high temperature 3003 aluminum foil. The powdered lubricant is dispersed into the data to make composite materials, and the friction coefficient is reduced and the friction heat generation is reduced on the basis of the basic properties of the data. Lubricating materials such as molybdenum disulfide, graphite, and polytetrafluoroethylene are usually blended in different proportions and then used for making tapes with excipients and 3003 tape foil. The test results indicate that the lubricating properties are significantly improved.

3003 tape foil

3003 tape foil superior performance

For applications where grease is present, the 3003 tape foil can be used at very high speeds, demonstrating superior performance. The externally adsorbed lubricant forms a stable and reliable lubricant film that greatly reduces the friction of the 3003 tape foil. The coefficient and heat generation, while the high mechanical properties of the 3003 tape foil allow it to maintain a stable size at high speeds.

3003 tape foil

 Since the glue on the 3003 tape foil is a thermoplastic polymer material, the temperature has a significant effect on it. When it exceeds a certain temperature range, it first causes the softening and oxidative decomposition of the data, which causes the mechanical properties to be lost. 3003 The high temperature resistance of the foil foil can effectively alleviate the high temperature. The damaging effects of the tape.

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