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Introduction of 8011 aluminum foil annealing heat treatment

Date: 2019-07-29 11:25

8011 aluminum foil processing features:

8011 aluminum foil is an aluminum product with many processes, difficult processing technology and thin thickness in aluminum processing. It is usually made of industrial pure aluminum. 8011 aluminum foil production involves all rolling and heat treatment processes from melt casting, hot rolling, cold rolling to foil rolling. The production level of aluminum foil represents the first in the aluminum processing industry.Progress and development level. Aluminum foil is also a key product for the daily use of the national economy. Quality assurance of 8011 aluminum foil requires casting temperature and curl the annealing temperature of the material has relatively accurate and appropriate control. The rolling, shearing and various processes must also be carefully adjusted and operated to obtain the quality of the coil material make qualified aluminum foil products.
8011 aluminum foil

Heat treatment process of 8011 aluminum foil:

In the heat treatment process of 8011 aluminum foil, the annealing process is a relatively critical process, and its effect is directly related to the product quality of aluminum foil.  The purpose of finished annealing is to remove oil and soften. For industrial pure aluminum foil, softening annealing temperature is about 300 ° C, degreasing annealing temperature is 180 ~ 200 ° C; for high purity aluminum foil.These two temperatures should be appropriately reduced. The annealing temperature is also adjusted according to the thickness and season. The furnace is often forced air, but it can also be used.Protect the atmosphere, such as nitrogen with appropriate CO2, CO and H2. The furnace type is a wide range of box type resistance furnaces. Annealing time from a few hours to tens of hours, mainly depends on the oil effect, while the degreasing effect is related to the width, diameter, tightness and loading capacity of the coil.
8011 aluminum foil

8011 aluminum foil annealing treatment:

The annealing furnace is a heat treatment process commonly used in the processing of 8011 aluminum foil. In general, the annealing process is a post-processing process for metallurgical and mechanical products.Its processing effect will directly affect the quality of the product. Therefore, the basic requirement for the annealing furnace is to provide accurate temperature rise according to the annealing process curve Keep warm and cool down while ensuring uniform temperature throughout the furnace. In the current actual production, there are many types of annealing furnaces, which are divided into fuel oil furnaces and fuels.Gas furnace, electric furnace, etc. The electric furnace accounts for 80% of the number of units, and the oil and gas furnaces account for 20.
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