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3003 aluminum foil packaging function

Date: 2019-10-09 15:38

The quality of food packaging bags in the flexible packaging industry, especially the quality of hygiene, is directly related to the safety of the foods packaged. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the 3003 aluminum foil raw materials and additives used meet the quality requirements.

Mechanical properties of 3003 aluminum foil packaging

The physical and mechanical properties of 3003 aluminum foil include tensile strength and elongation at break. It reflects the ability of the product to stretch with the product. If this is not acceptable, the 3003 aluminum foil package is prone to cracking and damage during use.

3003 aluminum foil

Sanitary performance of 3003 aluminum foil packaging

The hygienic performance of 3003 aluminum foil packaging needs to include the evaporation residue (acetic acid, ethanol, n-hexane), potassium permanganate consumption, heavy metals, decolorization test. The evaporation residue reflects the possibility that the residue of 3003 aluminum foil packaging will precipitate residue and heavy metal when it is in contact with liquid such as vinegar, wine or oil. Residues and heavy metals will have adverse effects on human health. In addition, the residue will directly affect the color and fragrance of food. , taste and other food quality.

3003 aluminum foil

3003 aluminum foil packaging appearance requirements

3003 aluminum foil packaging should be flat, no scratches, burns, bubbles, oil and wrinkles, heat seal flat, no virtual seal. The 3003 aluminum foil must be free of cracks, voids and composite layers. No pollution, foreign matter and oil stains.

3003 aluminum foil packaging

Mingtai Aluminum is a well-known 3003 aluminum foil factory. The products meet the industry and national standards and can be safely used for food packaging, providing long-term supply for many packaging manufacturers.

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