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3003 aluminum alloy foil for use in modern life

Date: 2019-08-20 11:22
The 3003 aluminum alloy foil uses a disposable lunch box with excellent oil and water resistance and is easy to recycle after disposal. This type of package quickly reheats food to keep the food fresh.

3003 aluminum alloy foil Performance for containers:

Using a variety of food lunch boxes produced by 3003 aluminum alloy foil, the products are beautiful, elegant and luxurious, and improve the quality of fast food. In addition, 8006 aluminum alloy foil is used in the production of aviation lunch boxes. It is currently using the latest and most scientific aluminum foil surface coating treatment technology and high temperature disinfection and decontamination treatment technology. The current heat sealable, high temperature and high pressure sterilization aluminum foil container, It is also widely used in pies, luncheon meat, crumbs, sauces, jams and processed cheeses, coffee milk, vegetarian pastes and other sealed packages for long shelf life products, as well as non-food applications and industries, such as pharmaceuticals. industry. 3003 aluminum alloy foil is used for packaging containers with low weight and storage volume and low transportation cost. The "aluminum foil cover" is easy to open, 100% barrier layer, high product protection, and high temperature sterilization/pasteurization.
3003 aluminum alloy foil for container

 Application of 3003 aluminum alloy foil container in microwave oven:

 Whether it's for cooked food or homemade food, cooking and reheating in a microwave oven is quick and easy, and the use of 3003 aluminum alloy foil containers ensures the freshness of the food. The following is the performance of a 3003 aluminum alloy foil container in a microwave oven: good and uniform heat transfer; can be used in both traditional and microwave ovens; can be used for grilling; protect food from scorching; suitable for cold storage, freezing and Fresh food packaging; can be heated on the original packaging; stable after cooking and heating; safe, hygienic and reliable, high temperature heated containers will not spill harmful substances, this is not possible with any disposable container.
3003 aluminum alloy foil

3003 aluminum alloy foil container precautions:

Although aluminum foil lunch boxes have many advantages, there are a few things to keep in mind when using them: 3003 aluminum foil containers must be filled with food. If it is not filled, there is a danger of scorching. Remove the lid of the foil at any time, otherwise the food will not be heated. If the food is to be covered. Please use a plate or microwave to adhere the film. Remember that metal and metal cannot touch each other. The 3003 aluminum alloy foil container should not touch the furnace wall, the furnace door or the bottom of the furnace, nor the other metal parts. This arc and possible damage to the microwave oven will be avoided. Also, don't use plates with gold and silver trim. The 3003 aluminum alloy foil container must always be 2 cm away from the furnace wall or kept away from other foil containers. For example, the foil container can be placed on a plate. Increasing cooking and heating time is about 10% because the food absorbs microwaves from above. Do not use bent or damaged aluminum foil containers. Do not reuse aluminum foil containers. Please clean and recycle after recycling.
Mingtai Aluminum is currently a high-yield and high-quality 3003 aluminum alloy foil manufacturer in China. The 3003 aluminum alloy foil is a good price and can provide safe and reliable aluminum foil products for aluminum foil lunch box manufacturers.
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