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Waste aluminum recycling and reuse-3003 aluminum foil supply

Date: 2019-07-20 10:53

Waste aluminum recycling production 3003 aluminum foil energy saving and environmental protection:

The value and trend of waste aluminum recycling and recycling is high, and the regeneration efficiency is also high. Because of its high corrosion resistance, high performance and high damage, almost all recovered. Waste aluminum also becomes recycled aluminum, which can be melted from the new 3003 aluminum foil production, which can be better utilized and along with resources increasing tension, the protection of the environment and the rising cost, the value and advantages of recycled aluminum are becoming more prominent, and the actual production of recycled aluminum is not exceeded.The energy consumption of electrolytic aluminum is 5%, so the recycling value of waste aluminum is very high and is a trend. Waste aluminum is a recyclable resource, currently scrap aluminum taking up more than 1/3 of the world's annual output of primary aluminum, the value generated is very high, and it is a direction of development.
3003 aluminum foil

Prevent shrinkage and ensure 3003 aluminum foil production:

The tail shrinkage is a unique waste product in the aluminum extrusion production process of 3003 aluminum foil. It is divided into hollow shrinking tail and ring tailing. The hollow shrinking tail is due to the oil is squeezed on the squeezing gasket and the residual material is left too small, resulting in a serious shortage of metal supply and the like, forming a hollow funnel-like tail; the annular tail is mainly due to aluminum.At the end of the extrusion process of the profile oxidized embossed aluminum sheet, the metal supply in the deformation zone is insufficient, forcing the lateral turbulence of the metal along the periphery of the extrusion gasket, and the side and side tables .The surface is cold, and the oily metal is recirculated and wound into the product. The annular shrinkage is generally on the cross section of the end of the product, and is mostly continuous or discontinuous Shape.
3003 aluminum foil

Matters needing attention when producing high quality 3003 aluminum foil:

1) Reduce the temperature difference between the aluminum ingot and the tool, or use low temperature extrusion. 2) Ensure that the surface of the ingot is clean and evenly heated. 3) Do not apply oil or tarpaulin on the extrusion gasket.Rub the extrusion pad. 4) Improve the surface finish of the mold and the extrusion tube, and clean the extrusion tube in time. 5) Reduce the extrusion speed at the end of the extrusion process. 6) Use lubrication extrusion and reverse extrusion. 7) Residual material and tail cutting as required, or increase the thickness of the residual material.
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