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Method for manufacturing 3003 cathode aluminum foil

Date: 2019-07-21 17:00

Background of 3003 cathode aluminum foil:

  With the rapid development of electronic technology, the assembly density and integration of electronic whole machines are getting larger and larger. Electrolytic capacitors are the key and non-integratable discrete components, which are facing small volume, large capacity, low cost, high frequency and low impedance. Direction development. Aluminum electrolytic capacitors are widely used due to their excellent performance, low price, easy processing and convenient use. Because the 3003 aluminum alloy material has good mechanical processing properties, corrosion resistance, heat dissipation performance, anti-electromagnetic interference performance, low density and excellent mechanical properties, it has been recognized as a cathode aluminum foil for aluminum electrolytic capacitors in the aluminum alloy. Among the various grades of cathode foils, its application rate accounts for more than 70% of the domestic market.

3003 aluminum foil

3003 cathode aluminum foil grain control:

  The grain size of 3003 brand cathode aluminum foil has a great influence on corrosion. The 3003 series aluminum alloy contains Mn element, and the degree of supersaturation of the solute element in the cast-rolled plate is greatly improved in the solid solution. The alloy has strong supercooling ability. In the rapid cooling, the concentration distribution of Mn is not uniform, resulting in large intragranular segregation, resulting in serious growth of recrystallized grains. Large grains cause delamination during the aluminum foil rolling process. The delamination of the aluminum foil can cause delamination corrosion of the cathode aluminum foil. The result of delamination corrosion tends to make the material thinner and reduce the specific volume. Therefore, 3003  cathode aluminum foil is required. The grains are uniform and fine.
3003 aluminum foil

3003 cathode aluminum foil production implementation:

a. The electrolytic aluminum melt is sent to the melting furnace, and an aluminum ingot which accounts for 40% of the total weight of the electrolytic aluminum melt is added to control the melt temperature to be 780 ° C, and the mass percentage of each element component in the melt is adjusted: Si:a thickness of 0 12mm。 After 12%, Fe: 0.48%, Cu: 0. 12%, Mn: 1. 15%, Ti: 0. 03%, the balance is Al; b, the cast-rolled billet is cold-rolled to a thickness of 3. 9mm The homogenization annealing; c, the high temperature annealed billet is subjected to multi-pass cold rolling to 0.4 mm, and then recrystallization annealing; d, the recrystallization annealed billet is rolled to a thickness of 0.041 mm, and then slit and packaged, A cathode aluminum foil product having a final thickness of 0.041 mm was obtained.
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