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3003 electronic aluminum foil has great potential

Date: 2019-07-17 16:48
In the family of electrolytic capacitors, aluminum electrolytic capacitors because of excellent performance, low price, a wide range of USES, currently China's electrolytic capacitors with aluminum foil part of the use domestic foil, there is a considerable portion of dependence on imports. In order to change this situation, domestic manufacturers have done a lot of work in localization. Henan mintai aluminum industry co., ltd. has 8 years of experience and technology in the production of electronic aluminum foil,and the electronic aluminum foil produced by the company is mainly based on 3003 aluminum foil, the production Products are also limited to negative foil.

electonic aluminum foil

3003 aluminum alloy is a common product of aluminum-manganese alloy series. Due to the manganese element, this product has excellent rust resistance and strength ratio of 1100 aluminum alloy is about 10% high, good formability, solubility and corrosion resistance.

The electronic aluminum foil of 3003 aluminum alloy produced by mintai aluminum corporation is applicable to the international uniform standard heat treatment process: 1. Along with the material Material effective thickness is different, insulation time 30 ~ 120min; At the rate of 30 ~ 50℃/h with the furnace cooling to 300℃, then air cooling. 2: rapid annealing: heat 350~ 370 ℃; The insulation time is 30 ~ 120min, depending on the effective thickness of the material. Air or water cooling, 3: quenching and aging: quenching 500 ~ 510℃, air cooling, manual aging: 95 ~ 105℃,3h, air cooling; Natural aging room temperature 120h.

3003 aluminum foil

Mintai aluminum technical quality department strictly controls each production process of products, product quality has been praised by customers at home and abroad.
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