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3003-H18 Honeycomb Core Aluminum foil

Date: 2019-07-23 17:00

Introduce to 3003 H18 honeycomb core aluminum foil

It is well known that the bottom plate and the panel of the honeycomb sandwich structure are thin and light, the sandwich is porous, the density is small, and the aluminum alloy itself is a light metal, so the bee is the weight reduction effect of the sandwich structure material composed of the aluminum core and the aluminum panel is particularly obvious. Aluminum honeycomb panels have been widely used for their advantages of light weight, high strength and high rigidity.It is applied to the exterior decoration of buildings, furniture, cars and other fields. In the three-layer structure of the honeycomb composite board, the middle layer is a hexagonal honeycomb core, and the honeycomb core is mostly made of 3003 aluminum.The foil is processed as a raw material, and the performance of the aluminum foil is directly affected by whether the adhesive is firm or not, and whether the surface of the composite is flat or not.

honeycomb aluminum foil

Henan Mingtai 3003 H18 honeycomb core aluminum foil advantages:

(1) The flatness of the board surface is high, the board type is well equipped with the plate type control instrument, and the real-time monitoring plate type; the subsequent pulling and correcting process, the second correcting plate type;
(2) Ensure that the aluminum foil plate type is good, the layout is flat, and the plate shape accuracy is good!
(3) The surface of the aluminum foil is degreased, the glue is not easy to fall off, and the special degreasing equipment is used. The imported cleaning liquid is used to ensure that the surface of the aluminum foil is free of oil, the glue is bonded, and it is not easy to fall off long life;

The 3003 H18 aluminum honeycomb core has high strength:

The aluminum honeycomb core processed by Mingtai 3003 aluminum foil substrate has high strength and is not easily deformed after processing. 3003-h18 aluminum foil is used as the aluminum foil substrate for honeycomb core, strength far higher than 1100 aluminum foil, the finished product is not easy to be deformed, the end surface is flat, the edge is free of burrs, and the flatness of the interface is high after the adhesive compounding; the pinhole on the surface of the aluminum foil is less in the casting process.Double filtration with plate filter and tube filter to ensure product quality from the source; and equipped with online pinhole detector and plate type, strictly control product plate type and pinhole Quantity.Henan Mingtai Aluminum Co., Ltd. produces 3003 honeycomb core aluminum foil, the state is mostly H18, the thickness of aluminum foil is between 0.02~0.06mm, the product is clean and clean.It has high strength and flatness. It has the top five production and sales volume and has successfully exported to more than 40 countries and regions.
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