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Honeycomb core main material-3003 honeycomb aluminum foil

Date: 2020-03-12 13:22

Introduction of 3003 Honeycomb Aluminum Foil

  Honeycomb aluminum foil is the main material used to make honeycomb core. Currently, it is mainly made up of paper honeycomb, aluminum honeycomb and plastic honeycomb. The honeycomb core is filled with honeycomb panel. The honeycomb panel has light weight, waterproof, high strength and good flatness. The advantage is that aluminum honeycomb panel is a high-end new material for replacing aluminum veneer and aluminum composite panel. Honeycomb aluminum foil has the advantages of anti-deformation, good sound insulation, heat insulation and impact resistance.

Honeycomb aluminum foil is generally 3003 aluminum alloy, state H18, thickness between 0.03-0.08mm, mostly between 0.04-0.06mm, there are also a few 5052 alloy honeycomb aluminum foil, but due to high cost, very small amount, product to board The type and thickness requirements are strict, and the requirements on the board surface are relatively low.


   Honeycomb aluminum foil is currently widely used in the market, mainly used in: household appliances, lighting industry, transportation industry, such as trains, subway trains and ship compartments, train doors and other decorative materials. Its completely non-toxic green quality has an irreplaceable and powerful role in the industrial, manual textile and furniture home industries.

3003 aluminum honeycomb core

3003 Honeycomb Aluminum Foil current market conditions

   At present, domestic customers of honeycomb aluminum foil can be roughly divided into two types: one is a honeycomb core-only enterprise. These enterprises supply honeycomb cores as manufacturers of honeycomb panels, and also export semi-finished products. These enterprises have single business and equipment varieties. Less, the monthly dosage is generally less than 50 tons, except for some large manufacturers; the second is for the enterprises that make honeycomb panels. These enterprises mainly use honeycomb panels and foam sandwich panels, and do honeycomb cores for their own honeycomb panels. Generally, they are not sold separately. Honeycomb core, in addition to the increasing demand for environmental protection, safety and light weight in the domestic building materials market, the market demand for honeycomb cores is on the rise.


  The honeycomb aluminum foil market is currently dominated by some small aluminum foil factories in China. The small-scale factory has a low price and business flexibility. The honeycomb aluminum foil products in the market also have a slightly higher price than other manufacturers, but they are superior in quality. Honeycomb manufacturers with their own brands are the products that high-end honeycomb aluminum foils tend to choose. At present, the whole big economy is weak, the whole market is in transition, all industries are shuffling, and they want to be undefeated in this industry. The land needs to be protected by high quality, so the business philosophy is based on the long-term effectiveness of quality service customers. For more information on honeycomb foil, please contact us.

3003 honeycomb core

Questions and answers about 3003 honeycomb aluminum foil

Q: How is aluminum honeycomb produced?

A: What is the aluminum honeycomb panel sandwich? There are two main methods: Forming method: First, the aluminum foil strip is formed into a corrugated strip, and then the corrugated strip is glued and laminated to form an aluminum honeycomb core block. This method is only used for alloy foils with large thickness or rigidity, or special aluminum honeycomb panel cores with non-normal hexagons.


Q: I want to know what kind of material is metal honeycomb panel?

A: Hello, the metal aluminum honeycomb panel is a metal material. At present, the famous domestic metal aluminum honeycomb panel manufacturer Jia Lifu counts the previous one. The production process of Jialifu metal aluminum honeycomb panel is: using high-quality fluorocarbon paint aluminum plate as the panel, with various specifications of aluminum alloy honeycomb as the core, and high-quality medium temperature curing SY-24B aviation adhesive film.


Q: Is the honeycomb fabric cotton? Still polyester? Is it suitable to make bedding?

A: Honeycomb fabrics are not necessarily cotton. Honeycomb fabrics refer to the structure of fabrics made of honeycomb tissue. Honeycomb tissue is a fabric organization.


Q: Which insulation is better for honeycomb paperboard and aluminum foil board?

A: Generally, it is not filled in the door, and a few pieces of wood are added. 1. Steel security door Steel security door can be said to be the most used security door material on the market. Most of the security doors familiar to the people belong to this series. Such doors are cheaper and more reasonable, and their sales account for more than 90% of the total market sales. Qualified steel security door.


Q: Are aluminum honeycomb and honeycomb aluminum the same material?

A: The aluminum honeycomb panel is made up of three layers of aluminum panel, aluminum honeycomb core and aluminum base plate through composite adhesive. Generally, the aluminum honeycomb panel or honeycomb aluminum panel on the market is a composite finished aluminum honeycomb panel. But aluminum honeycomb or honeycomb aluminum will be referred to by some people as the honeycomb core.


Q: What are the uses and characteristics of aluminum honeycomb panels?

Ar: The use and characteristics of the manufacturer of aluminum honeycomb panel aluminum honeycomb panel: The performance and characteristics of aluminum honeycomb panel are introduced as follows: 1. The surface of aluminum honeycomb panel is made of fluorocarbon roller coated aluminum alloy sheet, middle It is an aluminum honeycomb that meets American aviation standards. It adopts special composite process cold pressing and hot pressing technology, which makes aluminum honeycomb panels have the advantages of light weight and sound insulation.


Q: What kind of material is used for honeycomb aluminum?

A: The honeycomb panels in the entrance door are mainly divided into the following materials: paper honeycomb panel, aluminum honeycomb panel, and plastic honeycomb panel. The cost is from high to low for aluminum honeycomb panels, plastic honeycomb panels, and paper honeycomb panels. If it is used as a filling interlayer for the entrance door, the best value for money is the PP plastic honeycomb panel.


Q: What are the thicknesses of aluminum honeycomb panels?


A: The thickness of aluminum honeycomb panels is divided into conventional thickness and custom thickness. Generally, the conventional thickness also has the thickness of the panel and the thickness of the floor and the thickness of the honeycomb core. The panel is mainly made of high quality 3003H24 alloy aluminum plate or 5052AH14 high manganese alloy aluminum plate. The specific thickness of the detailed 3003 aluminum foil product page is visible.


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