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3004 alloy aluminum foil for food container

Date: 2019-08-26 17:04

The performance and requirements of food container In order to keep the canned food in the container for a long time, and maintain a certain color, fragrance, taste and original nutritional value, and at the same time adapt to industrial production, for this reason, 3004 alloy aluminum foil The for food container must meet the following requirements: combine the requirements of tea cups, tableware, etc., while meeting the production process. It is safe/non-reactive with food/satisfying process sealing requirements/beauty and easy to open/cost. Today's consumers are asking for grades, psychological feelings, 3004 alloy aluminum foil for food container to be safer and more comfortable.

3004 alloy aluminum foil sealing performance:

3004 alloy aluminum foil for food container has good sealing performance. The spoilage of food is often caused by the activity and reproduction of microorganisms in nature, which promotes the decomposition of food. The canned food is a long-term preservation food that is processed, sealed and sterilized. If the food container has poor sealing performance, the sterilized food will be contaminated by microbial contamination again. Therefore, the 3004 alloy aluminum foil  for food container must have a very good sealing performance, so that the contents are isolated from the outside world, prevent external microbial contamination, and not deteriorate, so as to ensure long-term storage of the food.

3004 alloy aluminum foil

3004 alloy aluminum foil quality is stable:

3004 alloy aluminum foil for food container must have good corrosion resistance. 3004 alloy aluminum foil is suitable for industrial production. With the continuous development of the canned food processing industry, the demand for food containers is increasing day by day. Therefore, the 3004 alloy aluminum foil for food container can be adapted to the mechanization and automation of the factory.

The 3004 alloy aluminum foil produced by Mingtai is of stable quality and can withstand various mechanical processing and materials during the production of food containers rich in resources and low in cost.

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