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3004 alloy aluminum foil is safe and reliable

Date: 2019-08-29 18:36

In recent years, aluminum foil lunch boxes have gradually become the mainstream of the development of the take-out market, and the application range of aluminum foil is expanding, especially in the fields of food, beverage, dairy products, medicine, cosmetics, etc., 3004 alloy aluminum foil has gained very much in the packaging industry. A wide range of applications, the development of a large number of new materials, new varieties and new products, not much to mention the safety of the product, but also promote the development of the industry.

3004 alloy aluminum foil for lunch boxes:

3004 alloy aluminum foil is used in lunch boxes, high-end atmosphere grades, but also in the production of cakes, aviation meals, pet food, etc., can withstand microwave heating, and received environmental protection, thus determining the aluminum foil lunch box seal The film also has to withstand such a simple test. The aluminum foil lunch box sealing film structure is mainly AL/PE, AL/PP, and must be made of food grade 3004 alloy aluminum foil. In order to keep the sealing seal airtight, in addition to the corresponding technical requirements of the aluminum foil box body, the sealing film heat sealing layer is the most important factor.

3004 alloy aluminum foil

3004 alloy aluminum foil is the most strict defense:

Many domestic manufacturers of products often have 3004 alloy aluminum foil layer and heat seal layer layering, product heat seal is not strong, sealing film heat seal is not easy to tear, etc., resulting in direct loss to customers. Limeng masters the core technology of heat-sealing metalware, and makes the most effective and stable sealing film production solution for plain aluminum or oil-coated 3004 alloy aluminum foil lunch box, ensuring that your aluminum foil tableware can withstand the bumps of the road, trusting customers and let you The 3004 alloy aluminum foil lunch box is combined with our sealing film to form the most stringent line of defense for food preservation.

3004 alloy aluminum foil lunch box, a new generation of lunch box selection, more green and environmentally friendly than foam, plastic lunch box, microwave heating is convenient, but the best aluminum foil lunch box should also support the green leaf, if you want the lunch box more Green and high barrier, buy a good aluminum foil lunch box seal film to test your eye.

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